stopped publishing new blog posts a little over a year after their first official piece.

Writing on your own car blog and over time you familiarize yourself with new and exciting car sites that enter the mix.

Earlier last year in February, Car Bibles ( re-launched as a sister site to The Drive ( dubbing itself as “the prime resource for anyone looking to buy, drive, and maintain or modify their cars.”

Before the Car Bibles domain was acquired by The Drive’s parent company it was already a well established “The best of” type of affiliate site with an automotive theme.

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And before that, Car Bibles was, true to its namesake, an actual car information and maintenance encyclopedia site.

What looked like in 2005.

On Twitter, the vibe this new Car Bibles site under The Drive was going for was, “owner’s manual info with comic book energy.”

With Andrew Collins, himself an experienced and well-established writer as editor-in-chief, and, at first, a small staff of writers, Car Bibles quickly established itself as an authority, especially when it came to their car specific deep-dive guides.

While Car Bibles was active, their staff published 32 of these deep dives, each several thousands of words long delving into the nitty-gritty of what you should look out for buying that car, how to maintain it, and other noteworthy details.

Half of the Car Bibles.

Not to pigeonhole themselves into just deep dives, Car Bibles also published daily posts which touched on the entire gamut of car news, from reviews, to news, and even hot takes.

And true to its former version of itself and quietly behind the scenes, Car Bibles staff also built up a library (hundreds, if not thousands) of The Best of and product review types of posts as evergreen content.

The Best and buyers guides types of posts.

But suddenly in May of 2022 Car Bibles just stopped publishing posts.

What happened?

Collins posted up this explanation on Twitter.

Collins starts off by explaining that Car Bibles staff and content would be transitioning into a sub-section of The Drive called “The Garage.”

As for why the switch, the explanation Collins gives is, simply put, Car Bibles and The Drive worked best when they worked as a team.

“Car Bibles and The Drive are owned by the same media company,” Collins explains. “The Drive was and will continue to be the news powerhouse and Car Bibles was the DIY site, the practical advice site…We realized pretty quickly was we got the best work done when we were able to collaborate with The Drive crew and the Car Bibles crew.”

“We had epiphany that we need to tuck the Car Bibles crew into The Drive proper and let them be a force multiplier.”

So that’s the official explanation from their (now former) EIC, that Car Bibles content isn’t necessarily going away, instead, everything will now be published under The Drive’s masthead under a new section called “The Garage.”

It’s worth noting is still live despite no new posts getting published. As testament to the site’s relevancy (it’s evergreen content) it’s still racking up, if Similar Web’s traffic estimates are to be believed, at least 200,000+ views a month, a source of ad revenue The Drive’s parent company will be keen to keep open for as long as possible.

Whether Recurrent Media will renew the domain when it expires next year in June, that has yet to be seen.

So if you miss everything that Car Bibles stood for, you now know where to go instead.

Where you a fan of Car Bibles? Any thoughts you want to add? Let me know in the comments below.

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