When you’ve got thirsty mates coming over, but Nissan is life.

Backshelf Facebook group member Josiah Belchior shared a photo of a one-of-a-kind Nissan-branded glass and pitcher set he found at his local thrift shop.

Check out a photo of his awesome find that I shared on my Twitter below.

According to the box, each beverage set contained a pitcher with multi-position lid and (4) 14 oz tumblers all made from “high-impact construction” plastic.

Why would Nissan, of all company’s, make such a quirky bit of kitchenware?

A quick Google reveals that this glass and pitcher set was made exclusively for Nissan dealerships in Canada to push their $22.99 Oil and Filter change (with free 21 point vehicle inspection.)

As this ad that I found when googling “Nissan Beverage Set” shows, for $3.99, this Nissan beverage set could be yours.

KingChurch Nissan ad from 1995.

I put in $3.99 into the inflation calculator, and it’d be if you spent $7.77 in 2022 dollars.

If you’re curious, the KingChurch Nissan dealership at 375 Bayly St. West Ajax, Ontario is now a Mitsubishi dealership, as far as 2021’s Google Maps camera car is concerned.

The old KingChurch Nissan dealership now sells Mitsubishis.

This was probably the fate of many a Nissan Beverage Set, too good of a deal to pass up, but once you got it home it was put on a shelf, forgot about, and eventually found its way to a garage sale or, as his post shows, a thrift store.

Interestingly, in the post replies, group member Denon Dorward posted this piece of lunch-ware, a Nissan Vacuum Bottle (thermos) which has three stackable containers inside of it.

Like the pitcher and glasses, it has hints of bubble-era Japan design.

What is it with Nissan and glasses and bottles to drink out of?

My guess is, like most Japanese car manufacturers, Nissan branched out into all sorts of unique and useful kinds of durable goods, thermoses and promotional glasses alike.

So, if you’re in the market for some durable drinkware, are a Nissan fan, and happen to live in Canada (preferably the Ontario area) keep an eye out at your local thrift shop.

Better yet, ask your neighbors with ’90s Nissans parked outside if they ever coughed up the $4 for a set.

You might be surprised when they tell you to “hang on…” and come back outside with Nissan beverage set in hand.


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