Unfortunately, Mendoza’s lawn mower is for show only and not for hire.

All kinds of unique rides show up to weekly car meets, but a lawn mower? Yes, a lawn mower.

Bay Area resident and car enthusiast Kevin Mendoza, who goes by @rad._.kev on Instagram, took an old Honda lawn mower, modded it, and has been showing his mower at local Bay Area car meets, taking up a full space and everything.

Mendoza’s recently showed up at a Friday night Santa Clara car meet, taking full advantage of the lack of nighttime lighting to show off his mower’s flame spitting capabilities.

Check out photos and video I borrowed from Instagram stories below.

A modded lawn mower at a Bay Area car meet
Backed in and everything

Mendoza’s not only given his Honda mower a full paint hob, he’s also cambered the front wheels, stuck some LED’s underneath, and is running his mower sans exhaust to give his mower as much flame-spitting capability as possible.

As you can see in the video, Mendoza’s mower gets a lot of attention, car meet attendees whipping out their smartphones to take video of what they normally only see in their shed or front yards.

Here are more posts of his mower on his personal Instagram.

Mendoza’s not the first to bring a lawn mower to a car meet, as a quick YouTube search brings up at a supposed nitrous fed, flame spitting mower, but none, so far, aren’t as modded as this one.

While there isn’t anything against the law, off the top of my head, that bars someone from bringing a lawn mower to a private parking lot, many cities, Santa Clara included, do have noise ordinances.

Regardless, car meets are usually held in parking lots far away from most areas zoned for housing, so I don’t really see any issues here.

Hopefully, Mendoza keeps one-upping himself, modding his mower even more so.

Maybe it becomes a thing, modded yard equipment at car meets.

I would love to see someone mod a weed whacker and get into a rev battle with Mendoza’s mower one day.

Someone, make it happen!


  1. thank you so much for sharing my lawnmower to more people that so sick. Im in physics right now and searched up cambered lawnmowers because i was bored and was shocked to see my lawnmower on google lol. I showed all my friends and there in disbelief haha.


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