If you’re looking for a cheap Honda Ridgeline, now’s the time to hit the used car auctions.

An Auto Salvage employee out of Newfoundland and Labrador Canada informed members of the Honda Ridgeline Owners Club on Facebook that he’s seeing a lot of first gen Honda Ridgelines with no major body damage making their way through the auction houses selling for insanely low prices, often less than $500.

According to that Auto Salvage employee familiar with the situation,

“Honda Ridgelines that failed their recalls and went through auction, most of them went under $500.”

As proof, he even posted a screen grab of a live auction for a Ridgeline that sold for $450 (you’ll have to join the group to see the link.)

This Ridgeline eventually auctioned for just $450

If you don’t believe his claim it’s easily verifiable as even non-bidders can register and watch these auctions live.

But, there’s one major catch, these are Honda Ridgelines Honda corporate has bought back from customers as a result of a Rear Frame Corrosion Recall for 2006-2014 Ridgelines Honda issued earlier this year in June.

You can read the whole recall and Honda’s reasoning behind it on their press release linked here.

According to Honda, de-icing agents, salt, and mud mixtures usually found in so-called Salt Belt states (Canada included) can rust out the fuel tank mounting bands, possibly causing a detached fuel tank which could result in fuel leakage.

Honda points out that, “No fuel leaks, fires, crashes or injuries have been reported in relation to this issue.”

While some Ridgeline frames could be repaired, Honda typically, with the owner’s consent, just bought them back.

Now, we know what’s happening to them.

You can either search on IAAI’s US website, search for Honda Ridgeline’s and sort by frame damage or you can go on IAAI’s Canadian site, also search for Honda Ridgelines, and sort by “Parts only” vehicles, which is also the major catch.

Here’s the parts only declaration found on all of these recall buyback Honda Ridgelines and is the reason.

But, just look at these Ridgelines at auction for frame damage, they look absolutely pristine (until you poke underneath.)

Best of all, everything else, the engine, rest of the powertrain, body panels, interior, and wheels and tires, appears to be in acceptable condition.

This J35 engine and the rest of the Ridgeline attached to it can be yours for less than $500.

The wheels and tires alone probably cost over $500.

The truth is, salvage parts shops will scoop these up, part them out, and resell the parts locally or on eBay for a tidy profit.

The used Honda Ridgeline parts economy will see a boost in inventory as a result.

But, if you want yourself a J-series engine or just need a lot of Honda Ridgeline parts for some reason, these frame recall Ridgelines might just be up your alley.

Or, if you have a private property and require a work/farm truck, these Honda Ridgelines would be great.

It’s a shame a bunch of slushy corrosion sent these Ridgelines to an early junkyard grave, but, their owner’s loss can be your gain for not much money.


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