The catch is there’s a promotional period, it’s closing fast, and this 8% cashback on gas is good for up to one year.

Most everyone buys gas and the financially responsible motorists among us (who pay off our balance every month) know that paying with credit with a decent cash back percentage on gas is a no-brainer.

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And, while anyone can find a decent credit card that gives them a decent 3%-5% back on your gas purchase, PNC’s making their Cash Rewards Visa credit card with available 4% cash back on gas even better.

For a limited time, they’re offering DOUBLE CASH BACK on the first year of purchases for new signees.

In other words, whatever you earned on gas purchases in your first year is doubled, turning that 4% cash back rate into 8% cash back, an unheard of percentage back in these economic times.

Click here to check out the card and all the additional details for yourself.

First, the basics, with PNC’s Cash Rewards Visa Credit card here’s the percentage cash back you earn and for what category for the first $8,000 in combined purchases,

  • 4% gas
  • 3% dining purchases
  • 2% groceries
  • 1% back on everything else

And, here are the details for the DOUBLE CASH BACK program,

Double Cash Back details

it’s only available until the end of 2022 (Dec 31, 2022) and is good for one year (presumably starting the day you get your card.)

That’s it, after that, rewards rates return to normal which, is already quite competitive.

But, for that first year, let’s run through an example.

If the typical American drives 12,500 miles, and we stick them in a regular Camry (combined 32 MPG,) they buy 391 gallons a year.

Multiply that by the national average for a gallon of gas as of this blog post, $4.08, and that Camry driver shells out $1,596 a year on gas alone.

With PNC’s 4% cash back on gas, you earn $64 back and, with the DOUBLE CASH BACK program, that’s doubled to $128.

As an actual user of the card, you can redeem that money with a credit on your statement, or you can transfer it to an external bank account.

If you drive as much as the regular American, it’s really a no-brainer signing up for this card.

But, with the promotion ending soon, you have to act fast.


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