Honda’s ServiceNow bulletin reads like it’s a supply issue, or is it?

In late 2020 and into 2021, new Honda owners with V6 engines noticed something strange when they popped their hoods, they were missing those Honda Earth Dreams Technology badges.

Honda didn’t phase out the badges as there are still visible places on the valve cover where the Earth Dreams badges would go.

And it isn’t just Honda V6 engines either, a quick Google search reveals that Honda isn’t putting Earth Dreams badges on their smaller 1.5L turbo engines found in the Civic, Accord, and HR-V either.

What gives?

Check out photos of what I mean below and here’s everything I know about the case of the missing Earth Dreams badges.

Honda Odyssey engine WITH Earth Dreams badges
2021 Honda Ridgeline engine missing Earth Dreams badge
2023 Honda Civic engine valve cover missing Earth Dreams badge. Recessed area where badge would go is still there.
2023 Honda HR-V engine missing Earth Dreams technology badge
2022 Honda Accord missing Earth Dreams engine badge

Honda introduced Earth Dreams technology in 2011, a “next-generation technology” revamp for its new lineup of gas, diesel, and future electric engines and motors that generally emphasized two goals, reducing emissions while increasing performance (having your cake and eating it, too.)

Prior to this rollout, Honda sort of soft-launched the Earth Dreams name on their F1 cars but, at that time, it was more a vibe than actual technology.

Embed from Getty Images

This revamp spanned Honda’s entire gas engine lineup from .66L (kei-car) all the way up to their 3.5L V6 J-series engines.

Not only did these “new” Earth Dreams engines receive the latest emissions-reducing yet performance enhancing technologies like the latest generation of VTEC, variable cylinder management, and more efficient transmissions, Honda owners got these snazzy new Earth Dreams Technology badges on valve covers.

As shown in the photos above, Honda’s J-series V6 and 1.5L turbocharged four-cylinders are definitely Earth Dreams engines so, where did the badges go?

According to a Honda ServiceNow Article Honda published in June 2021, they titled it “No More Earth Dreams Technology Logos on Engine Covers.”

In the article posted below Honda explained that 2012 CR-Vs, Passports, Pilots, Odysseys, and Ridgelines would arrive sans Earth Dreams badges.

“Starting in the fall of 2020, engine covers on newly arriving vehicles won’t be sporting that familiar Earth Dreams
Technology logo.”

The article hinted it was a supply issue as they say, “it’s just a 2021 model thing and it’s perfecftly normal.”

However, as posted in the photos above, model year 2022+ Hondas are missing badges, too.

There are several Honda owners who think that this isn’t a supply issue and is in response to all the negative press Honda’s smaller 1.5L turbo Earth Dreams engines received after several owners in colder climes experienced oil dilution issues, although, at this point, that’s simply a theory.

Others think it’s cost cutting.

I honestly think this is indeed just a supply issue, that whoever makes their badges can’t supply Honda at this moment, and we should see Earth Dreams badges return soon.

I’ll probably reach out to Honda for a timeline when and update this blog post accordingly but, until then, just assume they’ll come back ASAP.

One thing you can safely assume is, while your Honda engine MIGHT not have Earth Dreams technology badges, rest assured, the Earth Dreams technology is still there.


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