ATS Diesel offers an aftermarket fix that pretty much fixes this possible future problem permanently.

FCA issued a recall & stop order earlier this month informing 2020-2023 Ram 2500 & 2020-2022 Ram 3500 owners with 6.7L Cummins Diesel engines for an issue with their automatics. If the ATF fluid gets hot enough under a certain amount of pressure, the fluid can expel from the dipstick tube, come in contact with an ignition source, and catch fire.

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You can read about the recall here and here, and check out a screenshot of the recall below.

According to HD Ram Forums, this type of recall isn’t new for Ram HD Trucks as previous years suffered the similar, if not the exact same recall.

Before FCA issued an actual fix, they did recommend operating your 2500 or 3500 under certain parameters, mainly to watch your ATF temps that they don’t shoot past 210F and to not exceed your truck’s towing capacity.

You can read their recommendations here, and I’ve included a screenshot of it below.

According to 5th Gen Cummins Facebook group members, confirming what’s been done before, FCA will likely reflash/derate your ECM and replace the once again, defective (under certain conditions) transmission valve body.

Group members did point out an aftermarket solution by ATS Diesel, an ATS 68RFE Doomsday Device – Dipstick overflow control for 2007.5+ Ram trucks with 6.7L Cummins w/ automatic transmissions for $132.85.

Click here to buy an ATS Doomsday Device for yourself.

$132 well spent is a small price to pay for piece of mind.

“The ATS Doomsday Device locks onto the top of the transmission filler tube via a set crew and redirects any overflowing fluid down a supplied tube instead of blowing the dipstick out and sending fluid upon the turbo and manifold.”

If you’re a HD Ram truck owner affected by this recall, I’d, at the very least, keep an eye on my ATF temps, making sure they don’t go over 210F.

If you want 100 percent peace of mind now, buy the ATS Doomsday Device, recall or not, it’ll address any ATF Fluid that shoots out of your dipstick tube.

Problem solved.

Otherwise, wait for the recall notice to arrive in the mail, which, I don’t know when that will happen, and schedule a recall appointment ASAP.

H/T- 5th Gen Cummins Facebook Group

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