Almost all of them are relatively low mileage with one xB at just 23,239 miles.

If you’re looking for half dozen, low-mileage, first gen Scion xBs, boy do I have good news for you. Exotic Motorsports, a used car dealership in Edmond, OK, shared on Facebook earlier this month they have six, low-mileage 2005-2006 Scion xBs from a private collection for sale.

It looks like you can buy one or all six.

Here’s their announcement below.

Here’s one photo collage of one of the Scion xB’s for sale, representative of the whole lot, and awalk around Youtube video of one.

Their Youtube channel has videos of the five other ones if you’re so interested.

This 2006 Scion has less than 30,000 miles.

As the listing shows, all six of these are from just two model years, all maintained and kept in almost near factory condition.

As noted in his videos, all the xBs got some sort of detailing and paint correction.

While all show various amounts of mileage, with the highest mileage one showing 73,262 miles, these Toyotas (because that’s what they are essentially) are barely broken in.

Exotic Motorsports (ironic name given what these are) doesn’t give any backstory as to who the previous owner was, why he had so many Scion xBs, and how they racked up their mileage, so for answers, my guess is as good as yours.

Priced between $11,595-$13,995, in 2022s used car market, that price sounds honestly par for the course for a reliable, low-mileage, Japanese anything.

Heck, even in 2019, spending that much on a low-mileage Scion doesn’t sound all that crazy.

If you’re a particular fan of the first gen Scion xB, offered between 2004-2006, it’s slim pickings if you want to pick up a clean example for yourself.

Autotrader lists just 50 2004-2006 Scion xBs, six of those are from the collection above.

If you look at the new car market today, you’re hard-pressed to find an honest-to-goodness affordable small car, there’s simply not any customer preference and profit in them.

Regardless, there are still car shoppers out there that yearn for something small like the discontinued Honda Fit, Toyota Yaris, Mazda 2, or even something like a Scion xB.

That’s why I think these will sell out a lot sooner than later.

That might already be the case as their site inventory only lists four for sale. It looks like someone already snagged two.

If you want a low mileage and somewhat affordable small, Japanese car, you know where to look, but act fast!


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