“They said if they can’t approve you, God couldn’t approve you!”

Update Dec 2, 2022 – Added 2nd radio commercial

Listening to the JV Show Podcast earlier this week, show titled “Dogs Driving Cars” and show hosts JV, Graham, Selena, and Natasha loved the Bring My Ride’s radio ad spot so much they not only played it twice during the show for free, at least one caller chimed in to sing the radio ad’s praises.

According to their Google Listing,

“Bringmyride is an online car dealership which is owned by a franchise dealer group.”

One listen to this commercial and you’ll know what I (they) mean.

The show segment about Bring My Ride starts at around 16:30 and 32:30.

And (if Bring My Ride doesn’t mind) I’ve clipped the commercial(s) from the podcast and embedded it for you to listen below.

Bring My Ride radio commercial #1
Bring My Ride radio commercial #2

Here’s the radio ad verbatim, too.

“It’s a dealership called BringMyRide.com, they deliver the car right to your front door. All I did was log on, click the pre-approved button, and got approved!

Now my car is being delivered tomorrow. And when it comes, please don’t ask to drive it.”

They didn’t care about my 400 score, my repo, and my bankruptcy. They said if they can’t approve you, God couldn’t approve you!

It’s BringMyRide.com”

As show host Selena points out, this ad spot was scripted and engineered this way on purpose.

It’s honestly a trifecta of a radio commercial: the unexpected dramatic music, the hilarious and memorable ad copy, and that epic voiceover that ties it all together.

According to one JV Show listener leaving a talk back, this particular voice over actor is famous in the Los Angeles area.

“That announcer guy is amaaazing. And I totally recognize his voice, he does other commercials here in Los Angeles.

I love that phrase, “If we couldn’t approve you, God couldn’t approve you. Ah, that’s great.”

JV goes on to say how he’d love to get this guy on their show.

Like a lot of radio spot ads, finding information about who made the ad and who stars in it is particularly challenging. As of this blog post I couldn’t find any info to pass on to the JV Show.

Maybe I’ll contact the fine people at BringMyRide.com via their Contact Us page.

Do you know who this voice actor is? Do you love their radio ad as much as they do?

Let me know your answer or .02 in the comments below.


  1. Oh, man. I hear this ad while on a Lyft in SF and I immediately had to write it down. I’m glad someone else noticed it.


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