Police think she didn’t pass

This California driving permit holder might need a couple more driving lessons and possibly a new car to take her test in as, according to Pittsburg, California police, they lost control and literally drove over a yard into a residence while on her driving test.

Report of her unfortunate test comes courtesy of @ItsTheBay off Instagram via screenshots from Pittsburg Police CA’s Instagram stories.

Check out their post and close-ups of the crash below.

You can try again in two weeks.

“The operator of this vehicle was on her DMV driving test when she lost control and struck a residence. Luckily, nobody was injured. P.S. We don’t think she passed.

While this Instagram story was light on details, commenters think this crash occurred either somewhere on Crestview Dr. or West Leland.

The car is a silver 2011-2019 Toyota Camry, par for the course for the Bay Area.

While I said the driver “struck a house” the official language is “struck a residence: which, by the photo, is a more accurate description.

Fortunately, it looks like she didn’t actually drive through the house.

And Pittsburg police are very likely correct, she probably failed her test.

According to DMV Connect, the list of automatic behind-the-wheel fails include demonstrating you don’t understand the basic controls of your vehicle, blatant disregard for the rules of the road (speeding, rolling through stop signs,) improper safety techniques (not using your mirrors, not wearing your seatbelt,) and, not to mention, causing an accident.

The comments on this IG post are worth quoting, they’re hilarious!

“Instructor: Go ahead and pull into the driveway. Her: No problem fam,” @Jetset_issac commented.

“Nah, it’s California. She definitely passed,” @EastBay_Nick typed out.

“She failed the DMV but passed for UBER,” @Donavonjames wrote.

Not contrary to popular belief, California’s DMV (like a lot of other states) makes it easy for you to pass.

Even if you fail as badly as causing an accident, you only have to wait a measly two weeks before trying again.
And, you don’t even have to take it at the same DMV, any of the 220+ other DMVs in the Golden State that offer behind-the-wheel tests are fair game.

Something tells me this person will take her next DMV test elsewhere out of pure embarrassment.

Sure, accidents happen, but driving through a yard into a house….that’s why there are tests.


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