This answers the question if Ford’s Enhanced Active Park Assist will brake for you. Spoiler alert: It won’t!

TikTok user @FK7.jae posted up a POV video earlier this week (Nov 27,2022) showing himself riding in the passenger seat of a new-ish Ford. The driver of the Ford, I guess, wanted to impress his passengers and used Ford’s Enhanced Active Park Assist, presumably, for his first time ever because he crashes into a Chevrolet Tahoe while performing his car’s party trick.

Check out his TikTok video for yourself below.

@fk7.jae @ford active park assist✅ #fordtrucks ♬ original sound – jae✨

Contrary to popular belief, besides the long and technological sounding parking aid name, Enhanced Active Park Assist does not accelerate, brake, and shift for you. Like its name hints at, it’s just an “enhanced” technology meant to “assist,” not do everything for you.

On the other hand, Ford’s newer Active Park Assist 2.0 found on the latest Ford vehicles can accelerate and brake for you, hence the 2.0 part.

But since this guy’s using Ford’s older system (as evidenced by the layout of the on-screen display, consistent with Ford’s older parking aid system) he still has to keep an eye on his rear-view camera and judge how much gas and brakes to give it.

He shouts, “It’s going too fast,” because, yeah, buddy, you’re probably giving it too much gas, the one thing this older system is counting on you to do for it, correctly.

Here’s what you’re supposed to do.

How to use Enhanced Active Park Assist, note ” You will be responsible for driver controls such as accelerating, shifting, and barking as needed.

Unaware of the limits of his Ford’s “self-parking” capabilities, we hear and, if you look closely to his rear-view backing camera, see him crash into a Chevrolet Tahoe (confirmed by OP in the comments.)

There was someone on a Twitter thread of a copy of this video saying this video’s fake, the screams overlayed on the audio track, and perhaps it is.

Regardless, the cautionary tale still stands, if you’re using your Ford’s parking aids to parallel park, know how to use them because there’s a difference between Enhanced Active Park Assist and Park Assist 2.0!

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