A handful of spare car parts and a battery was all they needed to make sure their Mum had working indoor plumbing once again.

According to the water supply company Dwr Cymru, thousands of their customers in Wales are suffering from low to no water pressure due to several pipes bursting as temps dipped below freezing.

Although water supply shortages can be temporarily fixed with deliveries of water bottle pallet drops and no water pressure means a few days without a shower, people still need to use their toilets.

And, while you can manually fill your water tanks after every flush, for some people it’s either inconvenient or physically impossible.

The Wales-based car restoration mechanics at Whiteland Restorations didn’t want their sweet Mom (or Mum) to go without a proper toilet and, thanks to a few spare car parts laying around, put together an ingenious solution to get fresh water into their Mum’s toilet tank sans external water pressure.

Check out those spare car parts repurposed as an electric water pump for a toilet below.

From the looks of things, they’ve placed a 5-gallon water container in the bathtub and hooked up temporary plumbing that goes straight into the toilet’s water tank.

Powering it all appears to be a handheld battery powered liquid transfer pump wired to a 12-volt battery all operated thanks to a conveniently placed switch panel.

After every essential flush, all anyone needs to do is flip a switch to fill the water tank with enough water for the next flush.

With that 5-gallon water tank you might get four good flushes until you need to refill the temporary flush water reservoir.

As @PPobsand replied,

Bravo to you, ingenious mechanics.

And if you’ve made it to the end of this blog post, give their Youtube videos a watch and maybe subscribe!

h/t – @HubNutVids via Twitter.


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