Stapleton was spotted in person and on the museum’s live cam taking delivery of his C8 Z06.

Eight-time Grammy and fourteen-time CMA award winning American Country singer Chris Stapleton treated himself to something fast for the holidays as Stapleton was spotted earlier this week (Dec 16, 2022) taking delivery of a 2023 Chevrolet Corvette C8 Z06 in Caffeine Metallic at the Corvette National Museum in Bowling Green, KY.

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C8 Corvette owners and friends group member and Corvette owner Brian Grant happened to be at the museum and noticed said Z06 with an exhibit label stating it was for one Chris S.

Presumably, Museum employees tipped Grant off that that particular Z06 was for Chris Stapleton himself.

Check out a screenshot of the live cam and a handful of photos of Stapleton’s Corvette below.

Photo Credit: Brian Grant
Photo Credit: Brian Grant
Photo Credit: Brian Grant

Group member and actual Corvette engine builder Troy Derhodes confirmed as much and commented he should know; he was the one who actually built the engine in Stapleton’s Z06!

“Yup, he came into the plant, and I got to meet him,” Derhodes commented. “I built the engine in his car!”

Not much is known about Stapleton’s car collection but we do know this ‘Vette will join Stapleton’s 1979 Jeep Cherokee as featured prominently on his latest album Traveller.

Stapleton’s 1979 Jeep Cherokee

We also know Stapleton owns a 2023 Ram 2500 HD with a Palomino-style paint job. Stapleton built the HD truck in partnership with Stellantis (the parent company of Ram Trucks.)

Stellantis Media – Ram Truck Brand and Chris Stapleton Celebrate Long-standing Partnership with One-Of-A-Kind Ram “Traveller” Truck (

Stellantis is the primary sponsor of Stapleton’s “Chris Stapleton: Since 1978” exhibit at the Country Music Hall of Fame.

If you don’t know the tale of the tape, this latest Z06 Corvette is literally one of the fastest Corvette’s Chevrolet’s ever made. With 670 HP, it’s packing 180 more than its base equivalent. And, if Stapleton finds a long enough road, he technically can hit 205 MPH.

The top speed of his ’79 Cherokee? Just 89 MPH.

It’s worth noting that Stapleton’s security-cam like photo isn’t breaching his privacy as NCM’s live cams are 100 percent available to the public.

Click here to check out the live cams for yourself.

Congrats on your new Z06, Chris Stapleton.


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