“Big Lots now has a drive-in option.”

Big Lot employees in Albany, GA got quite the scare earlier this week (Dec 27, 2022) when a driver supposedly suffered a medical emergency and slowly crashed their way into the Big Discount store off Dawson Rd.

Facebook users and presumed nearby residents Shannon Hassenstab Bradley and Joseph Bradley (related?) shared photos and firsthand accounst of said frightening moment to The Chronicles of DoLee by SSBRR Facebook group.

Check out copies of their photos below.

Photo Credit: Facebook

“(They had a) seizure maybe, but he didn’t slam through it (the doors,)” Hassenstab Bradley replied to a commenter asking about the nature of the emergency.

The car appears to be a Nissan Altima sedan.

Commenters pointed out this Altima has plates designating the driver as handicapped.

“He stopped at the first set of doors, pushed through, stopped at the next set, and then pushed through. No one was hurt and nothing was damaged. The car did get scrapes, scratches, and part of the side view mirror is gone on the driver’s side. The second set of doors inside can still be shut and locked.”

“The doors bowed out.”

Hassenstab Bradley’s caption mentions no one was hurt.

Emergency services did arrive including local fire, ambulance, and police to provide medical care, evaluation, and next steps re extracting the stuck car.

Hassentab Bradley does not mention how they eventually got the car out but how it went in might’ve been the easiest solution, emergency services probably just reversed the Nissan Altima out of there.

There was no mention of how the Altima driver eventually fared after getting checked out.

Noteworthy replies to their photos include.

“I guess a drive-thru is better than a drive by,” Matt Settle commented.

“This is cashier of the year parking…lol,” Eddie Goff humorously added.

“They must have noticed the now hiring sign,” said Brenda Tucker.

While an unfortunate thing to happen for all parties involved it could’ve been a lot worse and, as mentioned, everyone was A-OK.


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