The victims of Weaver’s accident are a Bahamian entrepreneur and his wife.

Makayla Weaver is a 23-year-old Tik Toker based in the Asheboro, NC-area most known for her Only Fans account and lifted Ford F-350 Super Duty.

According to Weaver in a series of videos on TikTok (most deleted) and a Youtube video I’m embedding below, Weaver was involved in an accident in her truck on November 22, 2022 where she ended up T-Boning a driver and his passenger in a Chevrolet Tahoe.

According to the official police report I obtained (first page redacted) the accident happened near the intersection of Liberty St. and US-220B (North Fayetteville St) in Asheboro, North Carolina (link to Google Maps location found here.)

Per the official narrative,

“Vehicle 1 (Weaver) was traveling North US-220B in the inside lane.”

The report says Weaver was going 50 MPH while in her video (I’ve posted below) she admits she was going 60 MPH. Speed limit signs on US 220B read 35 MPH.

“Vehicle 2 (Chef Ray) was in the North Bound Lane of US-220B making a left turn onto Liberty St. from the inside lane. Vehicle 1 struck Vehicle 2 in the left side with its front bumper.

“Vehicle 2 came to rest on its side approximately 20 feet from the initial impact. Vehicle 1 came to rest next to vehicle 2 approximatly 20 feet from the initial impact.”

The narrative from the official police report from Weaver’s accident.

In a show of candor, Weaver retells how the accident happened from her point of view.

Here’s what she said verbatim.

“I was going down a road and there was this truck beside me saying, “Drop your level down, drop your level down” and I did that.

“I raised back up. Anyways, They like sped off in front of me. They like cut me off and I went to like the oncoming traffic and as soon as I did that there was a Tahoe-type car right there in the turning lane.

“I was going 60 MPH, I didn’t have enough time to stop so I basically rammed into them.

“…I flipped that other car.”

Before I obtained the police report, it came to light that the victims in the crash are Bahamian Restauranter and new Asheboro, NC business owner Kermit Raymond Mackey (aka Chef Ray) and his wife.

Chef Ray is owner and operator of “The Bun Hut Restaurant Bar.”

Shortly after the accident Chef Ray set up a Go Fund Me and posted a video with a goal to raise $25,000 to, “help Chef Ray’s family and business.”

In Chef Ray’s video you can clearly make out the unmistakable paint scheme and lifted truck belonging to Weaver.

Stills from Chef Ray’s video showing the aftermath of his accident.

In Weaver’s video she claims, “They’re (the Mackeys) OK. Everyone’s OK…They’re OK. Everyone’s OK. Thank God.” yet in Mackey’s video description they state,

“Him (Chef Ray) and his significant other sustained injuries and now a vehicle that is no longer operable.”

Chef Ray’s video goes on to explain how,

“Chef Ray and his significant other were involved in a bad car wreck.”

The driver of the vehicle involved was not paying attention, drifted into oncoming traffic, and ending up T-Boning his vehicle in the side was he was turning left.”

“This caused his SUV to flip over taking out a street sign. The car is no longer operable.”

Asheboro police handed Weaver at least three tickets for the accident (as evidenced by her video.)

“Here’s all the three tickets that I got for…yeah…so…tickets, they’re going to get dropped, it don’t matter.”

“It don’t matter,” Weaver says as she yeets her tickets to the other side of the truck.

Tik Tok users and others across social media commenting on Weaver’s accident are pretty much all upset about how Weaver presented her side of the story.

Commenters on social media also allege Chef Ray’s suing Weaver over the accident but I have yet to see evidence confirming this.

There’s a petition still up advocating that Weaver have her license revoked.

Over 300 people have signed this petition.

I’m aware of rumors floating around about Weaver’s house but I’m choosing not to comment on that as it’s not pertinent to this story.

Do you think she should’ve struck a more serious tone?

Let me know your .02 in the comments below.


  1. You are a total idiot ….more concerned about your F*****g truck instead of the victims in the car …you could have killed someone….so narcissistic and disrespectful..;;


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