Snowy roads were not stopping this Camaro owner from stunting on Lansing drivers with his 26″ wheels.

Lansing resident and Redditor /u/UncleBumbleF**k shared a video he took from his workplace showing a guy in a RWD Chevrolet Camaro on large, 26-inch wheels wrapped in summer tires, literally take three minutes to merge onto West Saginaw Highway from an intersecting road.

Take a look at the three-minute attempt below.

The Camaro driver was first spotted on W. Thomas L Pkwy when, as mentioned, he was trying to merge onto West Saginaw Highway.

This normally wouldn’t take so long, just keep an eye out for approaching traffic before turning right, but it’s the middle of winter and snow blankets the roads.

How do we know he’s on summer tires? Well, to my knowledge, they don’t make snow tires in that low of a tire profile.

Whereas winter tires and, to an extent, decent all-seasons, have some siping dedicated for winter snow/slush and don’t stiffen up when the temps drop, the summer tires on this guy’s Camaro definitely have a tread pattern for smooth and dry roads and do stiffen when it gets cold.

In other words, this Camaro has little to no traction when the roads get cold and dusted with snow.

Contrast the Camaro to these two crossovers that show up a minute and a half into watching this guy struggle. With presumably half-decent all-seasons, they make quick work of those cold Michigan roads and turn, no problem.

These two crossovers make quick work of turning left in front of the Camaro.

As a last resort, the Camaro driver backs up and uses good ol’ fashioned momentum and sheer will, cross traffic be dam*ed, and brute forces his way to make that right-hand turn.

Having “successfully” made that turn, something tells me he really hasn’t learned his lesson and might actually be slightly emboldened to carry on with his large wheel, low profile tire ways.

Redditors were also quick to point out his snow-covered rear window, as much a rolling hazard to himself as to others.

Do you think this guy’ll eventually learn his lesson and roll on some normal tires or, better yet, winters?

Let me know your .02 in the comments below.


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