“My car is not a boat, it is not built for this,” she said as she continued to drive through the flooded Bayshore Freeway.

Several Bay Area drivers shot videos earlier yesterday (Dec 31, 2022) as they drove through one seriously flooded Highway 101. In one of the videos I’m sharing below, this Bay Area woman slowly made her way through at least a foot of water!

Check out the videos for yourself below.

According to ABC News, the Bay Area and much of Northern California was on the receiving end of an atmospheric river or, “a long, narrow region in the atmosphere that carries large amounts of water vapor over the Pacific Ocean.”

Various news outlets report the Bay Area receiving between 1-6 inches of rain, a lot of that water making it onto Bay Area freeways.

The most flooded freeway seemed to be Highway 101 (aka the Bayshore freeway) in both directions. Flooding got so bad that the CHP were forced to close the freeway for 10 hours (from 11 AM- 9PM) to wait for flood wates to recede.

The first video’s location was on the 101 a little over a mile after passing SFO (exact location on Google Maps here.)

While she shouldn’t have attempted to drive through anyway (experts recommending not driving through anything taller than 4 inches deep,) she did do the right thing, taking it slow.

According to the AA, if you must drive through a flooded area you should,

“Drive slowly and steadily so you don’t make a bow wave.”

Anyone who’s watched a “Best of” compilation of cars trying to drive through flooded waters knows that it’s the water that goes over your hood and into your engine’s intake that ultimately kills your car.

The second driver appears to be in a less precarious situation, the waters not so high.

Looking at the 10-day forecast, and it appears the worst has hit the Bay Area.

Hopefully, Bay Area drivers know to avoid driving if they can the next time atmospheric river comes up on their weather forecast.


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