Even before working in the aerospace industry, she’s already achieved two masters with distinction.

The honorable George Peter Kaluma, a Kenyan politician, got served a big slice of humble pie when, after tweeting you should run from experts if they have dreadlocks, suggesting it’s a professional red flag, was quote tweeted by Cynthia Okoro (@telu__) an ACTUAL professional with dreads, an aerospace engineer in fact, posing in front of a Rolls-Royce jet engine just living, thriving at her job, hairstyle be damned.

Check out her epic clap back below, and here’s a mirror just in case Kaluma gets embarrassed and deletes his original tweet.

In Kaluma’s original tweet he was praising Kenya Methodist University’s recent dress code change for listing out now unacceptable clothes and fashion for both men and women, including banning Rasta dreadlocks for all male students.

When asked what’s specifically wrong with dreadlocks, he, as his quote tweet shows, responded, “Imagine your doctor, lower, engineer in dreadlocks” adding two emojis of men running away.

To spell out, he suggested, because someone has dreadlocks, they’re somehow a lesser professional compared to their equivalent with a so-called acceptable hairstyle.

Everyone knows that this is preposterous and in this economy it doesn’t matter what you look like, what matters is your skills, experience, and how good are you at doing your job. Period.

And this is where Ms. Okoro (@telu__) clapped back saying, “Can you imagine?” as she posed in front of a bona fide Rolls-Royce jet engine.

Okoro’s profile says she’s an Aerospace engineer, and a quick look at her pinned tweet confirms as such.

At the start of her professional career she’s already has a strong engineering foundation with two Master’ degrees in Engineering Control Systems and Instrumentation graduating with distinction.

To squash any haters doubting her credentials, she shared the on-boarding e-mail sent to her company e-mail (Alten) congratulating her on her role as part of a project with Rolls Royce Controls.

And, oh yeah, she happens to be in dreads which, as obviously evidenced by her stellar academic achievements and already working on a project with Rolls-Royce, literally have no connections with the level of professionalism she already demonstrates.

These politicians sadly don’t realize that it doesn’t matter what you look like or how you dress yourself, what matters is what you do with your life and how, in any small way, you contribute to the greater good.


I’m keen to follow Okoro’s career as it progresses and hope to update this blog post with even greater career accomplishments.


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