One soon-to-be Tesla Model Y Performance owner was able to get the lower pricing despite ordering in December.

Earlier this week, Tesla lowered prices on its most popular models, much to the chagrin of recent owners who just took delivery, by as much as 23 percent.

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But, what if you ordered a Tesla Model 3 or Y and haven’t taken delivery yet?

You may be able to get the lower price if Tesla is willing to work with you and you haven’t’s signed anything tying you to a loan or actually taken delivery.

I came across the aforementioned, future Tesla Model Y owner who ordered his Tesla Model Y Performance earlier in December with an original price of $71,000.

Upset, learning about the new, lower price, he contacted Tesla’s delivery team via text, the same delivery team that had been sending him updates on when his Tesla was built and how long he has to wait, and straight up asked them if they could give him the new, lower price.

And, surprisingly, they worked with him and did!

Instead of around $71,000 now he’s financing about $59,400.

Note, that since he’s financing more than $55,000, he doesn’t qualify for the $7,500 tax rebate.

Check out a screenshot of his post below.

Maybe text 5103451536 if you want the lower pricing.

“I made my purchase a few weeks ago and heard about the price drop from this group! I contacted them and they adjusted my price today. My original price was $71k with a delivery date this Saturday. I messaged them my concern and they updated my final document. Now down to $59k! I’m happy.”

Other Tesla Model Y owners wanted to know who to contact and, according to Cadapan,

“We’ll, during my purchase process, I would receive text correspondents from this number: +1 (510) 345-1536.”

This number would give me updates on dates, VIN, answers to my questions, etc. Thought maybe everyone had some sort of text communication from Tesla other than email or on the app.”

If you haven’t ordered a Tesla yet, congrats on the new pricing but, if you did but haven’t taken delivery, it would behoove you to ask for the lower pricing now!

If you’re reading this after you’ve signed papers locking you into that agreed upon pricing weeks or months ago, you’re you know what out of luck.

Source: Tesla Model Y Facebook Group


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