One family member of the hero calls the circumstances of the rescue, “Divine Intervention.”

Two snoozing parents owe their undying gratitude to one Rockford, IL man after he saved their kid from wandering onto one busy street.

Twitter user Ashley Ray (who goes by @TheAshleyRay on the bird app,) shared security cam footage from her cousin’s house on New Year’s Day showing her cousin bursting through his front door to save someone’s boy slowly walking towards Auburn St. in Rockford, IL.

Check out her video going viral on Twitter below.

As mentioned, this video was from January 1, 2023.

According to a family member familiar with our hero’s activities the night before on NY’s Eve,

“He was hung over and eating breakfast in the kitchen when they saw him (the boy) wandering down the street.”

As you can see on this birds-eye view of Rockford, Auburn St. is heavily trafficked as it literally runs straight through town.

Auburn St as seen from above.

Although it was Sunday morning, you could see cars whizzing by. The speed limit on this main thoroughfare is 35 MPH. That kid would’ve certainly walked right into traffic’s way.

We can see our hero bolting from the kitchen and, within seconds, scooping the boy up.

“And he’s wearing his favorite big leg jeans while running,” Ray’s other cousin texts back.

“Probably had to pull them (up) just before running out to save the kid. Remeber, It was NY’s day. What a start to the year.”

As mentioned and according to Ray, both parents were asleep at the time.

Ray’s cousin eventually called 911 and while police searched for the boy’s parents, Ray’s cousin kept the boy company for two hours!

They say it takes a village…and in this case, that’s definitely true.

Props to your cousin, Ray!

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  1. Wow! That was so cool that guy seen the boy before he was hit by a car!! I live right near Rockford and that is an extremely busy street! And people always go faster than the speed limit! Thank you for the story

  2. Oh that’s a great story, I watched several times and you could see he almost fell/stumbled himself, plus hitting the pole looks like, in other words he was really trying to get to this child. He is definitely a HERO. May GOD bless him.#STAY PRAYED UP


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