Be honest, this isn’t what comes to mind when you read ‘parallel parking’

Avalon Towing and Recovery probably asked dispatch to repeat what they meant when they told them a truck was, “parallel to the telephone pole” but, when they arrived on-scene, that’s exactly what they found.

The Ocean Shores-based towing company, known for sharing its unique towing situations to their 2,200+ fans, shared photos of this truck parallel parked next to a telephone pole earlier last week.

Check out their post below.

According to Avalon, this accident occurred in the unincorporated community of Copalis Crossing in Gray’s Harbor County.

Beyond that location info, that’s all the detail they commented on this off-the-pole tow job.

In similar, hard to believe crashes I’ve seen where the vehicle defies the laws of physics, there’s usually an obvious and tidy explanation like a pole supporting wire the vehicle got snagged on, a lot like this genius.

In this case, your guess is as good as mine.

It looks like, as mentioned, the truck driver crashed into the ditch bumper first, the front of his truck digging into the dirt acting as a pivot point rotating his truck a full 90 degrees.

If you take a closer look at this photo, the truck landed at just the right angle where his bed is conveniently leaning against the telephone pole.

Redditor /u/RedTruck1989 shares my theory.

No word on the condition of the driver, what led up to his crash, and if they were able to tow the truck out successfully, but my best guesses are they’re OK, a case of one too many Coors Lights, and yes.

And of course, you can’t post about a pole without people drawing parallels to a certain artistic style of dance.

“Next up on the pole special guest, Heavy Chevy,” Cheyenne Gray commented.

How do you think this pick-up truck driver got stuck up there? Do you think he was tipping the bottle back a little too often? Or, something else entirely?

Let me know your .02 in the comments below.

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