The semi truck driver found out it was a police cruiser when they saw flashing reds and blues in his side mirrors.

Ontario Provincial Police posted up a dashcam video from one of their police cruiser’s earlier this week (Feb 2, 2023) showing said cruiser almost being sandwiched into a guardrail by a semi-truck driver attempting to change lane where the cruiser was driving.

Check out their video below.

It’s worth noting the police cruiser was technically driving in the semi’s blind spot (the areas around a truck, traditional side mirrors often miss.)

It’s a point one Twitter user brings up with a helpful infographic, too.

However, as OPP’s tweet points out and when it comes to lane changes, the onus is on the vehicle changing lane to properly do so, and that includes; signaling, checking your side and rearview mirrors, and quickly looking over your shoulder in one sweeping motion.

It’s also worth noting that modern semis, as seen in the video, are equipped with special blind spot mirrors that make blind spots virtually nonexistent if a semi truck driver has their mirrors adjusted properly.

Check out the mirror setup from this truck driver on Reddit.

That being said, it’s almost always a bad idea to hang out and drive beside a semi in their blind spots. As a driver in a smaller car, good defensive driving assume semis and other cars cannot see you.

According to X-Cops, in Canada (and presumably Ontario,) an unsafe lane change is punishable by a $110 base fine, two points on your record, and, not to mention, a raise in your insurance rates.

It’s easy to point blame at who’s at fault when accidents (or in this case, a near accident) occurs.

And, while one party may share more, if not all the blame, over another party when accident do occur, the fact remains, safe driving conditions is a shared responsibility for everyone behind the wheel.

Lane changers need to signal their intent and check their mirrors and over their shoulders before doing so.

And, drivers need to assume vehicles changing lane don’t see them.


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