The Fujitec Elevator driver made a left turn from a lane specifically prohibited from turning left.

Dave Blackheart, who goes by /u/Gamerdave74 on Reddit, posted up a scooter video filmed from his iPhone to the /r/IdiotsInCars subreddit showing a driver in a Fujitec America company truck committing a hit-and-run on Blackheart in Seattle while making a left turn from a lane specifically marked and signed prohibiting left turns.

Check out Blackheart’s video also uploaded to Youtube below.

The accident occurred at the intersection of Pike St. and 4th Ave. (Click here to see the exact location on Google Maps.)

As you can see in these two screenshots, the lane the Fujitec Elevator driver was in is specifically marked for going straight only, not to mention the sign saying no left turns, too.

Blackheart says he was riding a Kaabo Wolf King GT Scooter between 10-15 MPH, well within the legal speed limit for these electrified scooters.

Blackheart further says he was wearing all the protective gear or, “Complete protection from head to toe (Full helmet, armored jacket, pants, boots and gloves.”

In other words, Blackheart was obeying all rules of the road pertaining to scooters.

In the video we can see Blackheart riding on Pike St. Since regular vehicles cannot make a left turn, most of the time, cyclists, scooter riders, and etc. can make a left turn without fear of being hit.

For whatever reason, assuming, ignorance, or otherwise, we see the Fujitec America truck driver make a left turn, hit Blackheart, and continue on.

It would be hard, in my opinion, for the Fujitec Truck driver to claim he didn’t see or hear the scooter hit him as it’s pretty clear from the video, with the scooters lights on and hitting the truck pretty much broadside on the driver’s door, that something or someone hit his truck.

With his window open, it’s not like he didn’t hear Blackheart shout, “Whoa!”

You can even see the driver’s arm move out of the way fractions of a second before impact.

Blackheart’s filed a police report, is in the process of retaining a lawyer, and has already gone to the doctor to document and evaluate his potential injuries.

“My right wrist, left wrist, right knee, right hip, back and neck in pain. I cannot move my neck or turn to see well without increase in pain. Back spasms frequently. Bending or kneeling down aggravates my injuries. I probably should have gone to the ER when the accident occurred, but I was trying to be optimistic of how badly I was hurt.”

It’s one thing to make a mistake while driving, however egregious, but to then turn that mistake into a hit-and-run is unconscionable.

Hopefully, Blackheart can recover relatively quickly from his injuries and the lawyer that picks up this case can bring some justice Blackheart’s way.



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