There is no explanation for what this idiot was thinking, following that close.

The insurance of the driver of this Chevrolet Tahoe (if he was even insured) will have their hands full right before the Easter holiday after one of their members decided to be a total buffoon.

Reddit user /u/ KingsArgon13 posted up dashcam footage earlier yesterday (Apr 1, 2023) showing a driver in said Tahoe tailgating what’s probably a six-figure Porsche Taycan EV on the MoPac Expressway in Austin, Texas for no good reason.

The Tahoe slams into the Taycan at the slowest of speeds because they gave themselves no room to stop!

Check out the dashcam footage for yourself below.

The accident happened in the Express Lane of the N Mopac Expressway in Austin, TX (link to the exact location on Google Maps linked here.)

As mentioned, traffic in all lanes, including the Express Lane reserved for carpool-eligible and toll paying vehicles, the one they’re in, has slowed to a crawl.

In other words, unless you’re willing to risk a ticket driving in the breakdown lane, regardless of what lane you’re in, there’s nowhere to go.

There are two main reasons why people justify their tailgating.

First, by driving right behind a car, they want someone to go faster but, as there’s literally nowhere to go faster here, that’s not possible.

Another reason is to prevent someone from changing lanes in front of them but, as this is an HOV lane of sorts separated from other lanes by two sets of double, white lines and plastic lane dividers, that’s not a good reason here, either.

My guess is, like many tailgaters, this Tahoe driver is tailgating just to annoy the other driver.

According to at least one recent report, not only are Texans not interested in EVs, their elected officials hate anything clean energy.

To a Texan, an electric Porsche represents everything wrong with the world if it were on wheels, they deserve to be tailgated.

The problem is tailgating is a dangerous practice, is actually just good ol’ fashioned road rage, and is, in fact, a Class C misdemeanor in the Lone Star State.

In conclusion, if you’re in the habit of tailgating just to troll, learn a lesson from this Tahoe driver, it likely will end in an insurance headache, not to mention end up being a waste of everyone’s time.


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