When confronted with the facts, the lying driver started crying.

Scrolling through my favorite subreddit /r/IdiotsInCars for the hottest incidents in the last 24 hours and a thread from close to a year ago popped up with a title and video so intriguing I had to write some words about it.

Redditor /u/SammyStevens1 uploaded dashcam footage earlier last year (Feb 12, 2022) from an incident Christmas Eve 2021 showing a driver in a Chevrolet Cruze in Melbourne, Florida drive into the back of OP’s Dodge Challenger at full speed (speed limit is 40 MPH on that road.)

When confronted by the police as to who was at fault, he told them that OP slammed on his brakes, a 100 percent lie!

Check out the incriminating video for yourself below.

The accident happened on N. Wickham Road in Melbourne, FL (Exact location on Google maps linked here.)

The video starts out with OP stopped near an intersection. At that point, according to police, he’d been stopped for a long time.

“She (the responding police officer) said I was stopped for almost a full minute before the crash.”

We can see a Blue Chevrolet Cruze approaching OP’s rear with no signs of slowing down.

Keen eyes pointed out there’s a phone mounted on his dashboard, with another Redditor commenting that the driver at fault looks like he’s holding something in his other hand (a phone?)

He’s clearly distracted.

When he finally looks up it’s already too late, he slams into the back of OP’s challenger, his Cruze’s airbags going off to protect him.

OP comments that his dashcam measured a 3G collision.

While police collected statements and insurance information, OP clues us in that he remained quiet about his dashcam, he didn’t tell the other driver he had one on.

“I didn’t tell him I had it (a dashcam), I let him commit whatever lies he wanted into evidence. I would rather let someone bury themselves in lies should it go to court. So we can read his official statement, and then roll footage from my camera.”

“I did tell him ‘get off your damn phone’ and he started crying. I took photos of the aftermath for later if I needed them.”

While he was found not at fault, it did end up being a massive headache.

“His car is totaled, and had to be dragged away on a tow truck. I drove mine home. 5 weeks of repairs totaling nearly $11,000. Several weeks of physical therapy for some lower back disc damage.”

“My car looks good again, but a bunch of electronics are missing due to back order issues. Big trunk 12 speaker system still missing. Keyless entry doesn’t work. Huge pain in the d**k.”

If you’re wondering why OP is going to court it’s because with injuries like this, lingering and often debilitating symptoms can crop up years down the road and, rather than wait for pain to set in, he’ll most likely sue, through his insurance, for pain and suffering.

“In situations like this your low coverage insurance just runs out of funds for both vehicles and medical bills then you are personally sued, your insurance company must hire a lawyer to defend you but you could be on the hook for hundreds of thousands of dollars,” /u/MovieMonster explains

“People are too dumb to realize bankruptcy is an accident away, especially if it’s a nice car.”

Thousands of dollars for repairs, potentially hundreds of thousands in medical expenses, and not to mention points on your record and a fine to boot, that Cruze driver is in for a world of financial hurt for years to come.

It certainly’s not going to help his case, blatantly lying on the record.


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