Toyota of Clermont’s Facebook, Google Reviews, and Yelp page have been inundated with troll reviews.

Orlando resident Brianna Monaco, who goes by Brianna Nicole, posted on her Facebook earlier this week that when she got an oil change at Toyota of Clermont in Clermont, FL, a service advisor named Jose replaced her real name with a derogatory word when inputting her information into the system.

Monaco alleges that, not only did the service advisor call her the C-Word to her face. a variation of the word showed up on her customer invoice as well as the automated text informing her, her oil change was done.

Check out a screenshot of her post from her (now) private Facebook profile below.

And this is her caption verbatim.

“Went to Toyota today for an oil change. The gentleman helping me askied if my name was C**t Nicole. I was shocked that would even be a name and I told him no, my name is Brianna Nicole. The gentlemen did not correct himself, instead still addressed me by this extremely offensive word and even printed receipts. Toyota, (I’m) extremely disappointed in my service today. Do better.”

Nicole upload two photos.

The first photo shows her customer invoice with her full name written out as C***ty Nicole McC**t.

The second photo is a screenshot of the text message she got saying,

“C***y, we want to let you know that your car is ready for pickup.”

The text message is signed Jose (the presumed service advisor.)

If you don’t know what the C-word is, urban dictionary spells it out for you (definition linked here.)

Of course, we only have one side of the story but, if what Nicole says is true and the service advisor did say that to her face, it sounds like he was doing that on purpose.

As to why, your guess is as good as mine.

Regardless, it’s extremely unprofessional and, if I was in a management position there, that would be grounds for firing.

As mentioned, Toyota of Clermont’s Social Media pages have taken on a life of their own.

Here’s a sampling from their Google Reviews, Facebook Reviews, and Yelp Page with random internet strangers leaving troll reviews referencing Jose.

Toyota of Clermont FL’s Google Reviews
Toyota of Clermont FL’s Facebook comments
Toyota of Clermont FL’s Facebook comments.
Toyota of Clermont FL’s Yelp Review

A quick Google shows one Jose Mendez and his LinkedIn, his bio showing Toyota of Clermont Service Advisor as his only employment thus far.

A service advisor named Jose Mendz who works at the offending dealership.

This latest internet drama comes on the heels of that fight breaking out among salespeople at a Toyota dealership in Milpitas earlier last week.

I may reach out to Toyota of Clermont for comment, but I doubt they’ll respond.


  1. I’m sure she deserved it. People can be rude, ignorant and entitled. Sometimes it’s worth giving them a reality check, you are NOT a unique and special snowflake.

  2. As a service advisor in the auto trade, I can fully understand. We are cussed out, threatened and consistently bullied. I have no doubt this customer was acting in such a way where the name change was warranted. Now typically we will talk behind someones back but the amazing thing with Jose is he said fuck that and said enough. That is what earned him the respect across multiple facebook pages for service advisors who all jumped in to leave crazy reviews but 5/5 reviews which most dealers actually pay their employees for. Jose literally had over 1,000 google reviews from other advisor who have been there but never went that far. Jose the goat.

  3. Is this the way stupid men bring customer service to a crescendo? I’m thinking only men with tiny d…s would think that it’s funny. Where the hell is management?waahhh! Get another job preferably working with rocks that don’t talk back!Bring this up on review and see what transpires! Oops lost your job!


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