Why you should leave room for traffic lights when mounting tall objects in the back of your truck.

As partisan lines have only grown wider over the past couple of years, the way the extremes of both sides wish to express their political views have only gotten more creative.

Once a point of pride, now flags mounted on a vehicle on any given day are more associated with hard line conservatives and the far right.

The larger the flag, the better.

However, there are practical limits to how large and tall you can mount your flag.

Case in point, Redditor /u/RedditModsTotallySuc uploaded smartphone footage taken in Whitehorse, Yukon in Canada showing a presumed MAGA/MAGC Canadian with a stadium sized Canadian Flag mounted in the back of his dually finding out he should’ve got a shorter flag pole.

Check out the video below (OP’s Reddit thread linked here.)

The incident happened at the intersection of 4th Ave and Main St. in Whitehorse, Yukon (exact location on Google Maps linked here.)

This is not dashcam footage, so presumably OP whipped out his smartphone because he knew what eventually was going to happen.

In the video, we can see OP in his Jeep stopped, along with the MAGA Canadian and his dually with mounted flag, at the aforementioned intersection.

“I don’t know if you’re gonna make, brother,” OP says.

The light turns green, the guy in his dually takes off, and, as he’s driving under the stop light I guess he hears his flag hit the top because you can see him brake.

“Freedom!” OP yells.

More like Free-dumb, amirite?

That flag had a snowball’s chance in heck of making it because his flag pole was a good 2-3 feet taller than the stop light.

Just to give you an idea of, according to licensed insurance agent Mary Cahill, traffic lights are generally positioned 18 feet above the ground.

“This is in Whitehorse, Yukon. Their premier is Ranj Pillai. The Conservative party does not exist in Yukon, only Liberal, NDP, and “Yukon Party”, whose history includes both raising taxes and cutting social services,” /u/MoeBurn comments, giving us Americans some much-needed context.

“That must’ve been the first day driving around with that flag,” replied /u/Select-Interaction11

“Ha-ha. They didn’t think that one through,” /u/Alma-Rose added.

“Thinking isn’t the strong suit for people like this,” /u/Iwasproducer1 replied to /u/Alma-Rose saying the quiet part out loud.

While on some accounts, an impressive display of your political beliefs, that dually driver’s found out you can only make your flag display so tall before things just…get in the way.


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