The video leaves more questions than answers.

*If you’re here from TikTok, I know just as much as you about this heist, which is zilch, zero, nada.

TikTok user Raul Cervantes, who goes by @RaulCervantesce88, uploaded a video to the popular social media app two days ago (April 19, 2023) that’s gone viral.

It shows a Freightliner Cascadia semi without a load crashing into a Ford Super Duty parked in front of it before two men jump out and flee.

Check out the video below.


♬ sonido original – raulcervantesce88

18-seconds long and without a caption, Cervantes does not give any context whatsoever.

Regardless, the video’s gone viral in every sense of the word, racking up 11.4 Million views and close to 10,000 comments in two days!

The video starts out with a shot of the Freightliner semi in the middle of the truck yard crashing into a newer model Ford F-250 Super Duty in dark red.

The driver is wearing a backwards baseball cap and a high-vis safety vest.

The door shows a “The Transportation Solution, INC. US DOT” decal with the parent company CRST and the DOT numbers strangely missing.

Keen eyes will notice there’s actually someone parked IN the Ford truck, which leads me to believe he parked there to prevent the semi from leaving.

Who’s ever in that Ford successfully stopped the semi thieves from leaving.

The driver in the red Ford drives forward, blocking the path of the Freightliner as whoever’s behind the wheel swings wide to escape.

It apparently works because the supposed would-be semi thief and what looks like an accomplice hop out of the truck and run.

Seeing how Cervantes previous TikTok shows him driving through San Bernardino, this leaves me to believe this happened somewhere in California.

It’s worth noting, I called the truck yard connected to The Transportation Solution Inc. in Ontario, CA and the dispatch manager was aware of the video but confirmed it did not happen at his facility.

“Let’s give him credit for wearing his safety vest,” Ruth Valenzuela hilariously comments.

“I must say that Ford held its weight against that Freightliner,” SkyQuake36 points out.

Do you know where this is at and some backstory?

Let me know in the comments below.

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