Security camera footage shows the teen avoid broadsiding a Camaro before heading straight for the ACP.

One St.Louis-area brick mason’s lined himself up at least a two-day job for a gated community after a presumed local decided to drive through an intersection, despite having a red light, barely miss T-boning another car and eventually crashing into a community access control point.

The gated community’s security cam footage was shared by Redditor /u/RideAggravating4078 to Reddit’s /r/IdiotsInCars subreddit earlier yesterday (Apr 24,2023) showing the teen’s alleged DUI turned destruction derby.

Check out the video below (thread linked here.)

Teenage girl crashes car and runs
by u/RideAggravating4078 in IdiotsInCars

While OP did not give the exact location where this happened, I did ask someone in the thread who seemed to know exactly where this is and, out of respect for OP’s privacy, also did not say where, but did confirm it’s the St. Louis area.

In the video we see the offending party, in what everyone seems to agree is a V.W. Passat, stopped at a red light.

We know it’s a red light as there’s a solid no walking pedestrian sign perpendicular to the Passat driver.

For some reason, she drives forward, disregarding any cross traffic.

Thankfully, she had the presence of mind to dodge a Chevrolet Camaro, narrowly avoiding a T-Bone accident.

Her quick reaction, however, was overshadowed that she was now headed straight for the gated community’s access control point (where the intercom is housed.)

She just straight demolishes it, bricks flying every which way.

“My favorite part is the still illuminated headlight on the ground,” /u/o_line hilariously points out.

Panicked, she gets out of her Passat and just runs.

“Happened outside a buddy’s neighborhood yesterday. She was arrested in somebody’s yard. Most likely under the influence of something, but I have no further details,” OP captioned the video.

As someone I forget once said, single vehicle crashes involving property damage often point to a DUI of some sort, and this case is no exception.

In hindsight, it could’ve been a WHOLE lot worse, T-boning that Camaro for one.

Hopefully this lady learns the error of her ways, as that pattern of reckless driving will statistically lead to a serious accident for her and unfortunately innocent parties, too.

Do you know where this happened, have any updates, and aren’t afraid to share?

Let me know in the comments below!


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