Imagine being that angry about another person’s choice of vehicle.

Redditor /u/speederinsouthbend and driver of a Tesla Model 3 was the victim of some over-the-top level of road raging in Anchorage, Alaska earlier this week when a driver in a Ford Dually supposedly rolled coal on his electric car for over 20 miles. And to add that extra cherry on top, the driver in the dually just about ran him off the road, too!

A good chunk of the road raging was caught on their Tesla Model 3 lane watch cameras where, after downloading, he uploaded the incriminating and infuriating footage to the /r/IdiotsInCars subreddit.

I would embed the video, but the thread title has a bit of profanity so, it’s linked here and a copy of the video is posted below.

Just in case the vid below is down, mirror here.

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The incident took place on Seward Highway (aka AK-1) in Anchorage, AK (exact location of the video on Google Maps linked here.)

“Guy cuts me off 20 miles earlier,” OP comments.

In the video we can see OP minding his own business, keeping a safe distance from the road raging dually.

Not keen to overtake, the driver in the Ford hits the accelerator, sending a plume of black diesel smoke in OP’s direction.

“(He) rolls coal the whole way and tires to run my vehicle off the road. What a Pr**k!”

If you didn’t already know, owners of diesel trucks purposely modify their engines to emit large plumes of black smoke for fun, but often do it just to piss people off.

Diesels let off little to no black smoke from the factory.

Thankfully, Teslas are equipped with overly large indoor cabin air filters so, despite all that toxic diesel smoke wafting OP’s way, he didn’t even smell it.

“Cabin filters and recirc…never had to smell it,” OP comments.

As to why this Ford dually felt the need to harass a Tesla driver, your guess is as good as mine.

We only have one side of the story, but my guess is the Ford Dually driver just wanted to piss off the Tesla driver for no good reason other than he saw an EV, it’s largely why these diesel owners modify their engines to roal coal in the first place.

If you asked a coal roller why they harrass EV drivers, they probably can’t come up with a coherent and logical reason other than EVs make them irrationally angry where they have to take their anger out on them right then and there.

They can’t express it, but electric cars, to them, represent one part of everything that’s supposedly wrong with the world.

They don’t like change, wish the world stayed the same or regressed back to more “conservative times,” and see EVs as a threat to their very existence.

I mean, look at this dude keying a Tesla for no good reason, people just hate ’em. Too bad this dude was caught in 4K wearing a company T-shirt and identifying tattoos.

Oil happens to make up a 10th of Alaska’s imports, so there’s that.

Best practices say to not engage with road ragers but, if you have the time and want to f*** around, that’s, like OP’s done, is on you.

As for you road raging coal rollers, enjoy literally burning your money to prove whatever point you may think you’re proving.


  1. This is pathetic. The man just loves his diesel guzzling truck. All Diesels emit black carbon stuff. the Tesla driver just needs to grow a set and stop whining

  2. The dually person needs their vehicle impounded and crushed. His/Her license is revoked until a training course to address this behavior is completed at His/Her expense. Finally a personal apology to the Tesla driver and a big fat traffic fine ticket. No second chance, if caught again permanent loss of His/Her license in the United States.

  3. Why didn’t the Tesla pull over if he felt a road rage situation instead of continuing to take it? This sounds like an ad for Tesla.


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