The alleged suspect, ID’d as Wade Knarr, is owner and operator of StickerDad, a sticker company based 15 mins away from that Planet Fitness.

A Tesla owner who presumably lives near Pompton Lakes, NJ has an extensive scratch repair and now a police report to deal with all because a total stranger randomly keyed his car while he was parked at a Planet Fitness.

Thanks to Tesla’s Sentry Mode, cameras used for lane watch were recording while he was gone and captured the suspect in the act in 4K.

Check out a copy of the footage going viral on Twitter below.

The Tesla owner posted his Sentry Mode footage to Reddit’s /r/TeslaCam subreddit and in one hour and 15 minutes, a handful of Redditors used what the saw in the video to come up with the probable suspect.

The now deleted thread is linked here, with a screenshot of the brainstorm that led to his ID’ing below.

Although copies of the video are low-res, the original video was supposedly high-res enough to show that this guy was wearing a T-Shirt that says “Sticker Dad (or StickerDad) along with his identifying sleeve tattoo was more visible.

It also helped that Sticker Dad’s logo (seen here) happens to have the owner’s likeness on it, too.

The Tesla owner posted up his security camera footage at 10:37 A.M and the aforementioned Redditors commented that they likely found the responsible party at 11:52 A.M. the same day.

Other Redditors literally named StickerDad’s owner as Wade Knarr.

According to an archived page of, Knarr started Sticker Dad in 2005.

In response, StickerDad’s website and all their social media pages are closed or private’d.

Regardless, people seem to be having fun with Knarr’s bonehead move.

In a report by News 12 two days after, the Tesla owner confirmed he does not know this man and has filed a police report.

In New Jersey, keying someone’s car is vandalism and, depending on the cost to repair the scratch, is punishable by both jail time and at least a $1,000 fine.



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