Why it’s better to calmly communicate with a tow truck driver instead of making a rash, harebrained decision.

Redditor /u/GlaireDeMeduse shared smartphone video from a New York City area tow truck driver who was watching as the owner of an Infiniti QX60 he’s already hooked up to his wheel lifts decides that now’s the time to get in and drive off.

As you can imagine, it doesn’t go as well as he thought it’d go.

The Reddit thread is linked here, a copy of the video is posted below, and, just in case the video goes down (mirror here.)

2023.4.27 Infiniti JFK acting a fool

Although OP doesn’t say where this video is, almost everyone in the comments agrees this is at JFK Airport.

It’s also probably not OP’s video.

In the video we can see said Infiniti QX60 already lifted by its front wheels in the air.

Your guess is as good as mine as to why he was towed, but it’s likely not a repo and more likely the owner was parked/stopped where he wasn’t supposed to.

Rules for parking, including pick-up and drop-off zones, are strictly enforced at airports.

Generally, you can’t stay parked at pick-up and drop-off zones for too long and some areas, often marked red, means no stopping whatsoever.

Some Redditors pointed out he has an UBER sticker, so perhaps he stopped for too long and left, waiting for prospective UBER riders.

Like a handful of people being towed who get too emotional about it, especially if they, like this guy, depend on their vehicle for work, he decides to get in and drive off.

While cars can handle a drop from that that high, damage is likely, and you’re going to have a bad time.

The inevitable happens, he drives off and rips his front end.

Then, as mentioned, he has the balls to ask, “Who’s going to pay for this?”

Unless you successfully flee to Mexico after the fact, you’re almost always going to catch charges driving off a tow truck.

It varies by state but, if the car’s not legally yours (repo,) you can be charged with Grand Theft Auto if you drive off and a general criminal mischief charge as you’ve likely damaged the tow truck.

According to CBS News, in 2018 a Florida man drop off a tow truck’s wheel lifts and fled.

He caught charges when he was caught, GTA and Criminal Mischief.

This Infiniti owner will likely get towed anyway, will get charged accordingly, and will get billed by the tow truck driver’s company for the damages.

In life, you have to pick your battles and, when it comes to getting towed, staying calm and dealing with the tow after it happens is way better than doing something irrational.

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