Why you can’t relax your good driving habits even though you’ve got a day of good fishing ahead of you.

Texas resident and Redditor /u/AdImaginary6245 is glad he got a dashcam after an excited weekend fisherman and out-of-towner at a Port Arthur, TX Bait Shop in Pleasure Island backed up a little too far and reversed right into /u/AdImaginary6245’s 2019 F-350 King Ranch.

The unfortunate incident was uploaded to the /r/IdiotsInCars subreddit, a copy of the video posted below, with the original video and thread linked here.

The incident happened at the SGS Causeway Bait & Tackle shop in Port Arthur, TX (Exact location on Google Maps linked here.)

As the video shows and as measured on Google Maps, OP stopped and was in park 30 feet away from the rear of that Nissan Titan’s rear bumper when he started backing up.

The driver of the Titan presumably does not really look behind him, at all, as he literally drives right into OP’s front bumper.

Thankfully, OP had a dashcam, initially bought because of, as his title says, an instance of he-said-she-said with another accident prior.

Also, the driver of the Titan did what any upstanding citizen would do, didn’t run, and instead, stuck around to deal with the aftermath.

“The poor guy that hit me is an out-of-towner and was just excited about going fishing in a new place while he is away from his family and trying to provide a living for them. He was distracted and was in a hurry trying to go fishing in the few precious hours not busting his a** on the pipeline, OP says in a rather headed reply.

As to those who accused OP of milking the situation for insurance money, he had this to say.

“The total cost for damages was $2,300 dollars. Less than a week’s worth of work…I will be lucky to break even, as the work I am missing to deal with this would have all been overtime. He is paying for the damages and I don’t need a rental because I have another truck to drive while this is in the shop.”

“I can assure you, this is an inconvenience for both, me and him. Construction workers and maintenance workers have a mutual respect for each other. I am covering this out of my own pocket and letting him pay me back. I will not profit a dime off of this and will just eat the depreciation of my truck. “

And for those curious what kind of dashcam he has, it’s a Thinkware U1000Z (product linked here.)

While an unfortunate situation for both parties, it’s good to hear both are doing the right thing and not taking advantage of each other’s situations.

But, just in case and for future incidents, his dashcam was running, and, you should have one installed and running the next time you drive, too.


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