Coincidentally, the motorcyclist crashed right next to a Chiropractic office.

Redditor and presumed Utah resident /u/DuracellMilkMaid shared security cam footage from West Jordan, UT to the /r/IdiotsInCars subreddit showing a Harley-riding motorcyclist going way too fast for his own good on a bike-only lane no doubt, slamming into a car making a left turn.

The Reddit thread is linked here with a copy of the video below and a mirror linked here just in case the vid below goes 404.

The crashed happened on the 2600 block of W 7800 S (aka UT-48) in West Jordan, UT right across from MidValley Chiropractic Clinic and Autozone (exact location on Google Maps linked here.)

As the security camera footage shows, this particular street is your standard two-lane city street with a painted island separating cars from bikes.

It’s a particularly busy time of the day with a lot of traffic.

Cars in the left-most lane stop to allow a driver turning left to cut in front of them, giving them the right of way.

Cars in the right-lane, to avoid a T-bone of their own, follow suit.

You can hear the iconic rumble of a fast-approaching Harley in the background and, as the Google Maps screengrab will show, the motorcyclist was illegally riding in the bicycle-only lane.

A painted island separates vehicles from bicyclists.

Not known for stopping on a dime, the inevitable happens, the Harley rider T-bones the car turning left.

“That’s a really nasty collision…all that momentum got crammed into his body at once, comments /u/DefiningWill.”

You’ll be glad to know the rider reportedly is OK.

“He was up and walking a couple hours later after EMS cleared him,” OP clarified.

According to Sec. 14-10-9 (Forbidding vehicles to travel within or through marked bicycle lanes,)

“No motor vehicle shall at any time be driven within or through or parked or stopped within a marked bicycle lane except to briefly cross said lane to turn into an intersection, street, alley, driveway or other parking area.”

On top of the damages, police probably cited that motorcyclist for the above, too, tacking on the relevant fines and penalties.

If you’re passing cars way too fast in that lane, even legally in on a bicycle, it behooves you to have the presence of mind to take it easy. You never know when cars travelling next to you yield their right of way to cars turning in front of them.

Motorcycling is a fun and quick way to get around town but, especially if you’re on two wheels, you have to be responsible about it.


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