Unlike some cars tall people are forced to buy out of necessity, this one’s pretty cool.

While being tall has its advantages, one big disadvantage is there are only certain types of cars you can buy. Tall guy influencer Beau Brown, who goes by @BigBeauBrown, shared with his followers just how limited his car buying experience actually is in a YouTube short from last year.

Check out his car buying experience below.

As his video shows, the number one issue for tall people is headroom and legroom.

The first car, a Nissan 370Z set the bar for his car buying experience. Prioritizing performance over comfort, the Z was a non-starter, with absolutely no head and legroom for Brown to work with.

The next car was a BMW sedan. At least Brown could fit legs inside, but with zero headroom, the BMW was also a no-go.

You’d think a truck like a Nissan Frontier would be big enough, but with no wiggle room at all to turn the steering wheel comfortably, not to mention safely, even the Frontier was out of the question.

Finally, Brown gets in a Ford Bronco. With enough headroom and legroom, Brown found himself a winner. Plus, the Ford Bronco is subjectively cool with its off-roading capability and rugged looks.

“I can move my legs in it!” Brown enthusiastically says.

The Bronco has 41 inches of headroom and 43.1 inches of front legroom.

To put that in perspective, that Nissan Frontier has 40 inches of headroom and 42.4 inches of legroom.

For tall car shoppers, it goes to show how far packaging and a handful of inches one way or the other makes the difference between fitting and fitting comfortably.

The Bronco’s also not all surprising as Brown’s choice considering that, since its debut, the new Bronco ranks in the top of the lists (like this one from US News) for cars best suited for tall drivers.

I’m genuinely happy for Brown that he found his own ride. Cars means freedom, and it’d be miserable to choose a car solely because you fit.

It looks like Brown not only fits, he’s happy about his purchase, too.


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