The balancing act was caught on smartphone camera, so it technically happened.

Filling up your gas tank and regular maintenance can eat into a delivery person’s budget so, to keep overhead low, this Jet’s Pizza delivery person in the Nashville Metropolitan area thought outside the box.

Instead of using a car, he charged up his electric one wheel, and supposedly delivered 30 pizzas in one go, strapping the pies onto his shoulders.

Is this guy for real?

I pretty sure I know the answer, and here’s why.

Check out the 4D chess move in multi-pizza delivery below.

@jordanflomofficial Man delivers 30 pizzas without a Car! ???? #diy #pizza #caughtoncamera #woodworking #tools #lifehack ♬ original sound – Jordan Flom

In the video we see the supposed delivery person literally taking delivery of 30 full size pepperoni pizzas, stacking them, one on top of the other, making one giant pizza box tower.

Then, by affixing shoulder straps around the boxes and securing them to his one-of-a-kind multi-pie backpack, he’s able to carry all the pizzas on his back, lifting them off the table only using his two legs.

After carefully balancing on his one wheel, someone hands him an orange, caution flag to presumably warn drivers, and off he goes out of the parking lot.

While that’s probably one of the most energy efficient ways to deliver so many pies, the whole thing is most likely staged.

The video is uploaded to the Official Jordan Flom TikTok account. If the Flom name sounds familiar, it’s because his more famous relative Justin Flom is known for his videos, too.

Justin Flom is a video maker based out of Las Vegas, NV, who, along with his team, made a name for himself making one-of-a-kind viral Facebook videos.

Out of the hundreds, if not thousands, of stunts he’s pulled for social media, I did cover when one of his crew supposedly filmed a Tesla owner attempting to fill up at a gas station (post linked here.)

Justin or Jordan, they’re both doing the same thing.

Jordan Flom recently filmed this grocery delivery person literally strapping plastic bags filled with merchandise to his person and using an electric scooter to make the delivery…in the rain, no doubt.

@jordanflomofficial Man picks up Groceries on Scooter! ???? #caughtoncamera #lifehacks #diy #diwhy #limescooters #dad #mom #funny ♬ original sound – Jordan Flom

No sane person would do that.

As for this former Ringling Bros. circus act turned pizza delivery person, yeah, it’s fake.

A large Pepperoni costs $11 so Jordan Flom did foot the $330 for all those pies.

And props to that actor because, even though it was staged, balancing that many hot pizzas on your back is already quite the feat.

Hopefully someone ate them, as it’d be a shame to waste all that good food for a bit.


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