Ye was caught on video smiling to tourists and giving them a friendly wave.

Visitors to West Hollywood, California that took a chance taking a Hollywood Bus Tour got the surprise of their life yesterday (June 15,2023) when their bus driver pulled next Kanye West and his new wife Bianca Cersori on Sunset Blvd with West behind the wheel of a yellow Isuzu VehiCROSS.

According to The Daily Mail and Page Six, the pair had just finished eating at the Lobster Restaurant in nearby Santa Monica.

Check out the once in a lifetime intersection meetup below.

And, here’s what the pair were doing before they were spotted.

As the outlets reported, the pair had just finished eating, the paparazzi capturing countless number of photos of the two canoodling, displaying copious amounts of PDA.

You’d think Ye took his Veyron, Aston, or one of his many Mercedes to lunch, but he drove there in something that probably took the paparazzi by surprise.

According to Isuzu, this VehiCROSS is painted Proton Yellow.

If you’ve never seen one before, it’s because Isuzu only sold them in the United States between 1999-2001. 4,153 VehiCrosses were sold stateside so, while they’re not rare, they’re uncommon to come across.

Don’t let the low sales numbers fool you, as the VehiCROSS was both a design and engineering tour de force.

With its smooth, funky design and plastic cladding lower half, the VehiCROSS had both futuristic, yet rugged look.

Although the NA 3.5L V6 only output 215 HP and 230 lb-ft, the Borg Warner developed Torque On-Demand 4×4 system made full use of available power, sending traction to whichever wheels it detected had grip.

The VehiCROSSes real party piece were its aluminum monotone shocks with external heat-expansion champers. It’s off-road technology you’ll only find on bona fide, homologated off-road Rally Racers.

These VehiCROSSes aren’t expensive, at all.

An excellent example sold on Cars and Bids for $11,200.

Your guess is as good as mine if West is an actual fan of the VehiCROSS, but chances are Ye knows good, timeless design when he sees it, regardless of its price.


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