“I don’t want to shoot him, dude,” we can hear Meeks say from the passenger seat

An equal parts shocking and hilarious Facebook reel shared by user Derek Meeks is going viral showing an anger-filled road rager shouting at a driver to, “Get in his car” when, that’s literally what the driver is doing.

It’s hard to explain, so you’ll have to watch it for yourself below.

The original reel is linked here, though.

A lot of people called out Meek’s video as fake and, to prove them wrong, Meeks uploaded several minutes of what happened before and after this part of the confrontation of what was likely an hour plus long incident.

Check out a copy of Meeks’s dashcam footage below and, just in case that video’s down, here’s a mirror and a shorter, yet clearer copy linked here, too.

Meeks does not give an exact play-by-play of what happens but, thanks to the extended dash cam video and another helpful commenter, we can piece together what happened.

The incident went down at a Taco Casa in Moore, OK with the confrontation spilling out close to the intersection of Riverwalk Dr. and SW 19 St. (exact location on Google Maps linked here.)

From what I can gather reading comments on the video, Meeks and whoever he was with observed that Taco Casa customer in what looks like a Tesla Model 3 who eventually confronted them, somehow harassing another elderly man who presumably was in front of him in the drive thru.

Commenter John Garza seems to be have the most inside knowledge of what happened, his comments linked here.

It seems like, if not blocked in, he would’ve eventually followed that elderly customer to further harass him.

We see the driver who Meeks was with block him in where he couldn’t pull out, causing the alleged harasser to lay on his horn.

They eventually drive off, and the would be harasser gives chase, pulling in front of Meek’s vehicle, both running into and damaging both their vehicles in the process.

“Dude, he’s an old man,” the driver explains to the aggressor in the Model 3.

“…who’s life is apparently way more important than mine. His 5 seconds to get a ****ing Taco almost ran me off the g.d. road, and I didn’t see you guys there to stop him from doing that,” we hear him respond.

“Why is it always meeee that has to always be inconvenienced by everyone in the entire world. Whyyyyy?

While both are trading words, supposedly the Model 3 driver was open carrying. Keen eyed viewers can also see in the viral reel that the driver also has his hands on what we can only guess is his side piece.

Meeks is presumably carrying, too, because we can hear him say the aforementioned, “I don’t want to shoot him, dude.”

Both threaten to call the police on each other, which they do and, according to the driver, armed with video evidence, it looks like the unhinged Tesla Model 3 driver felt the full force of the law.

“The crazy guy got plenty of tickets when the cops showed up, not sure if laying on the horn was one of them, though,” his reply to a commenter reads.

What Meeks and whoever was behind the wheel did was the correct thing to do. By remaining calm, they were able to not escalate the situation beyond just using words.

And, when staying calm was not working, it’s best to, as these gentlemen did, call the police.

It was probably the right thing to do, sticking up for that elderly customer and preventing further harassment but, it’s worth keeping in mind you may run into a crazy, like this dude, if they redirect their anger towards you.

Thankfully, this situation resolved to where no one was hurt and the road raging driver got his comeuppance.

However, I could imagine this situation turning for the worse, real quick.


  1. I would have loved seeing his response when he got all those tickets! If it was recorded, please post it! If I was as little as he was, I sure wouldn’t be getting out screaming at people. You notice his passenger didn’t get out of the car!


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