The owner will come back to his NSX and find it sitting on bricks.

Supercar owners take note, you probably don’t want to park your car at SFO International airport for more than a couple of hours, that is if you don’t mind getting your wheels stolen.

Photos shared by Redditor /u/black435i to the /r/SanFrancisco subreddit shows a second gen Acura NSX with a car cover on it surrounded by caution tape. (thread linked here.)

The NSX was parked at International Parking Garage G.

It’s clear someone’s stolen the wheels as the NSX is now hovering off the ground supported by a couple of bricks.

While SFO International is marginally safer to park in compared to the city’s tourist areas (where you’re likely to get bipped,) it’s clearly not 100 percent safe from thieves.

“Funny thing is there are no cameras other than the toll booths,” OP comments. “F*** what happens to your car as long as they get theirs.”

Researching just how safe SFO parking is, according to a handful of other Reddit threads, most SFO parkers feel it’s a safe place to park.

“I just parked at the ParkSFO garage over Thanksgiving, said /u/must_be_the_mangoes. “It was my first time there but I felt like the facility was very secure.”

However, there are some worrying threads, like this one linked here, showing just how insecure SFO parking is as an entire camper van was stolen from long term parking.

There is video footage of it being taken from the lot and driven through a cut back gate,” the owner of the camper can wrote. “Airport gate alarm went off but police weren’t called till the morning.

Just one new wheel on these NSXs cost upwards of $2,300+

And, after googling around, a complete set of used NSX wheels for these second gens sold for at least $2,500+ And, that’s not even with tires.

Whoever stole these definitely “came up.”

The same can’t be said for the owner, who’ll most certainly end his trip back to the city on a sour note.


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