The victim observed the lady throwing handfuls of trash out her window.

Presumed Los Angeles resident and Redditor /u/LostInstinct got quite the shock earlier this week after calling out a passenger for literally throwing fistfuls of trash out her window.

The litterer proceeded to jump on the victim’s hood, scratch his paint, and, after he drove off, instructed the driver to follow him all the way to the 405.

OP captured the entire incident on camera and shared the footage of the litterer gone bananas to the /r/dashcam subreddit.

His thread is linked here with a copy of his video embedded below and a mirror here just in case.

The incident took place in Inglewood, CA near the intersection of S Ash Ave and W Manchester Blvd across from Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles (exact location on Google Maps linked here.)

” I noticed a lady in the passenger seat of a vehicle next to me (while at a red light) throwing handfuls of trash out of her window,” OP describes in another thread where he’s asking for legal advice re this incident.

OP yelled a few choice phrases and profanities at the lady, calling her out for her littering ways.

This was apparently enough of an insult to cause the lady to instruct her driver to box him in at the next intersection.

“(She got) out the car and proceeding to punch my windows that I had just gotten up in time. After this, she jumped on my hood before noticing my dash cam.”

That wasn’t all, as OP then describes how he was followed to the 405 metering lights and, right when that same crazy lady jumped out her car to confront him again, he gunned it onto the freeway and they stopped giving chase.

“I noticed scratches in my paint where she jumped on the cars hood. A visit to the police station got a report started for me and an officer verified the scratches were enough to get their attention.”

As mentioned, OP is pressing charges and hopefully will get some justice in the form of compensation or at least seeing them cited, charged, and handed the appropriate fine and/or jail time (the latter not likely to happen.)

And, this is yet another reason to get a dashcam if you’re on the fence on getting one.

OP’s was a Vantrue X4S Duo.


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