“You can see the sticker in the window,” the community notes reads

A common strategy to get people to sign up for a newsletter on social media is an attention grabbing photo, an intriguing title, and some kind of story to draw you in.

Dylan Huntley, (aka @ReadlDHuntley on the former bird app) a self-proclaimed millionaire at just 15, posted up a multipart thread on X re-telling his rags-to-riches story.

To draw people in, Huntley used a photo of himself sitting on the fender of a Ferrari 488 GTB (worth roughly $500,000 used) with the thread title, “How I became a millionaire at 15.”

If you want to torture yourself reading through his cringe, Huntley’s original thread is linked here.

Red Ferraris are exotics young “hustlers” want to own one day, so seeing this young buck at 15, barely in high school, implying that this Ferrari is his, makes you want to read the rest of his thread, right?

There’s just one issue, you can clearly see the Instagram handle of Cloud 9 Exotics, a rental company based in Florida.

The 488 GTB isn’t his!

Not only did the rest of X/Twitter get a kick out of this, community notes added a disclaimer absolutely ripping him a new one.


“The Ferrari this individual is posing with is owned by the Exotic Car Rental company “Cloud 9 Exotics”. You can see the sticker in the window.”

“It is common for online business scammers to pose with rented cars & attempt to pass them off as their own.”

Community Notes calling out Huntley.

Huntley’s tweet was also immortalized in a screenshot from “Community Notes Violating People.”

Anyone with a couple of hundred bucks or a credit card with the smallest of limits can rent this 488 for as little as $599 for four hours.

Part of Cloud 9 Exotics’s fleet.

Huntley, awash in his newfound clout, admits the whole thing is kind of funny.

“I find it funny the community notes talks about the Ferrari, not my two businesses,” Huntley said in a reply.

According to another Tweet, Huntley shares that he made his initial fortune via Bitcoin.

“I margin traded the swings, and only bitcoin. Then, I started two companies.”

Huntley doesn’t go into specifics of what those companies are but, according to another tweet, they’re supposedly an LLC and LP registered in Oklahoma.

“Dude has an LLC and LP registered in Oklahoma,” @MaxWinebach replies. “Can’t find anything else about the fund. Don’t know whether it’s true or not.”

People who now want to follow this guy, be warned.

It’s not a good look when you’re infamous in the beginning of whatever you’re eventually going to hawk for arguably deceiving people.

If he’s willing to pass of something that’s not in this one small thing, who’s to say he won’t try the same tactic somewhere else.


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