Using the brute force of its 6.2L supercharged Hemi V8, the TRX made quick work of the playa’s soupy mess.

For days, thousands of Burning Man festival attendees were stuck at the Black Rock Desert, recent rains turning all roads entering and exiting the multi-day event impassable.

A handful of Burning Man attendees were fed up with waiting and decided to put their rental Ram Rebel TRX hitched to their trailer to good use.

Video of their supercharged escape went viral on Twitter.

Check out the video including their update below.

The video shows a yellow Ram Rebel TRX pulling a trailer at speed.

You can hear the driver giving stabs of throttle to keep the RPMs and momentum going.

According to @BrandonMcogbill,

“The muddy drive was about 4-5 miles to the main road.”

If it wasn’t already obvious, the Ram Rebel TRX is no ordinary truck.

A lot like the Ford Raptor, an off-road, high-performance truck loosely based on the Ford F-150, the Ram Rebel TRX is a Dodge Ram 1500-based truck with the 702 HP engine from a Hellcat with suspension modifications akin to a Baja off-road racer.

If there ever was a use case for a Ram Rebel TRX, escaping the apocalypse-like conditions of a muddy desert is one of them.

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In an updated posted earlier today, the attendees as seen in the viral video confirmed the TRX was indeed a rental.

And, when they informed the TRX owner of their dirty, mud-filled escape, he was not at all upset, the opposite, actually.

“Excellent truck advertisement,” @PathForward327 commented.

“Low on patience, but high on power,” @LeFyssion also replied.

As of this blog post, organizers have reopened the road leading out of the Nevada Desert.

The Ram Rebel TRX’s high horsepower escape saved them from waiting hours (maybe days) on end as you can imagine how slow it will be as tens of thousands of those not fortunate enough to have a capable enough vehicle make their way out.


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