The driver littered in full view of motorists around them.

When it comes to in-car trash, you really have no good excuse to litter. So, when presumed So-Cal resident and Redditor /u/Monovendros witnessed a driver on the 405 (aka the Sepulveda Pass) in Los Angles chuck a paper bag full of trash out his window in the middle of traffic, he clipped the dashcam video and shared it with the /r/IdiotsInCars subreddit.

OP’s thread is linked here, with a copy of his video below.

As mentioned, the incident took place on I-405 on the Sepulveda Pass in Los Angeles, CA (exact location on Google Maps linked here.)

In the video, we see OP travelling in the HOV lane.

In lane #2 there’s a black Toyota Camry with the driver holding what looks like a McDonald’s bag out his driver’s side window.

The driver lets the bag go, and the bag and close to a dozen napkins floats out the window onto the 405.

There isn’t any gray area here, that driver went out of his way to litter.

“I spent countless Earth Days picking up garbage – this honestly infuriates me,”/u/GeneHackman1980 commented.

“I need someone who does this to actually explain why you think this is OK and necessary,” /u/jlewis011 also commented.

Many people expressed in the comments that since OP has a video and can see their license plate, they should report them to the proper authorities.

In California, littering is punishable with a fine of between $100-$1,000 depending on if it’s your first, or you’re a frequent offender. More importantly, all offenders must do a minimum of 8 hours of litter cleanup. The next time you do it, it’s 16 hours and for each time after that, it’s 24-hours.

OP has not commented whether he’s reported it to anyone.

As mentioned, there’s no good excuse to litter as there’s always going to be somewhere to properly dispose your trash, whether it’s at home or wherever you’re headed.

A couple of pieces of paper isn’t going to destroy the local environment, but it’s arguably the careless attitude and the contagiousness of that negative culture that’s to be avoided.

It’s when everyone thinks it’s OK, and it’s normalized, that it all starts to pile up on top of each other and becomes a problem.

Do that absolute bare minimum and throw away your trash properly, people.



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