Failing to commit to their already hare brained exit attempt resulted in at least one damaged tire.

Presumed SoCal resident and Redditor /u/MarineR3con shared dashcam footage to the /r/IdiotsInCars subreddit showing the surprising moment an LA driver on the 405 near Granada Hills refused to miss their exit and, as a result, damaged their Volvo’s tire and possibly the suspension as a result.

/u/MarineR3con’s original post is linked here, with their video embedded below.

The accident happened on the 405 right next to Granada Hills at the Rinaldi St./ Mission Hills Exit 72 (exact location linked here.)

In the video, we can see OP is travelling in lane 3 at around 65 MPH.

In the distance, we can see a black Volvo SUV in the middle lane signal and attempt to change two lanes into the Exit 72 off-ramp.

They miss the exit but, instead of going another mile to the next one (I looked it up on Google Maps) they stubbornly try to brute force their way through the gore point.

They’re in a Volvo SUV, a highly capable urban off-roader. What could possibly go wrong?

Unbeknownst to them, there’s an abrupt transition from the end of a raised curb, as seen in this closeup posted below.

A bona fide tire destroyer.

They hit that curb end at 60+ MPH at exactly the right (or wrong because of the damage) spot, popping their front tire and forcing their front suspension violently upwards.

It was so violent that the Volvo was on three wheels at one point.

This Volvo SUV is momentarily on three wheels.

Thankfully, they were able to maintain control too, as this could’ve turned out far worse than it did.

At the very least, they’ll have to pony up for a new tire and most likely an alignment, as that much force is sure to mess up an SUVs factory suspension and steering settings.

If insurance foots the bill, their rates are sure to go up.

“He would’ve made it if he had just committed. Instead, he swerved back left, and hit the curb as a result,” /u/PantomQTOpera commened.

This is the best case scenario right here. They didn’t get hurt. They didn’t hurt someone else. Furthermore, they’ll have to pay a bunch of money to fix their car and hopefully learn not to pull that again,” /u/MomentofZehn also commented.

Missing an exit is no big deal as there are a countless number of exits you can often take less a couple of miles down the road.

It’s not worth the risk, damaging your car or worse, getting into an accident to undo what’s already done.


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