A prime example of a driver getting upset at being passed for no good reason.

Texas resident and Redditor /u/TehGreatBrownie posted up hilarious dashcam footage to the /r/IdiotsInCars subreddit showing the confusing and kind of disturbing moment a driver in a dark Purple Lexus RX crossover gets upset at being overtaken and retaliates by overtaking and violently weaving back and forth.

/u/TehGreatBrownie’s post and video is embedded below.

[OC] Bruised this dude’s soft little ego apparently
byu/Tehgreatbrownie inIdiotsInCars

The first pass took place at the intersection of Prestonwood Dr. and Sherman St. with the offending incident escalating along the `00 block of Buckingham Road.

As the video shows, OP is driving normally in the right-hand lane on a road with two lanes going in either direction.

Normal enough stuff.

The road is admittedly laid out confusingly, it looks like a two lane road that merges into one up ahead accept it’s in fact still a road with two lanes, the lanes on the other side of the intersection shifted askew.

Here’s what that looks like on Google Maps.

“It seems people think I pulled into a turning lane to pass him and go straight when there isn’t a dedicated turning lane,” OP clarifies.

We see a purple Lexus up ahead change into the left lane.

OP, aware of how this road works, stays in his lane and passes OP just as the lights turn green.

Several seconds later he’s unexpectedly overtaken by that purple Lexus, brake checked, and held captive as the Lexus violently weaves back and forth before speeding off.

OP eventually catches up to the Lexus at the next intersection but, presumably not wanting to sit there, the Lexus makes a right turn.

“Notice they always avoid the light because they know if they sat next to you at the light they’d feel incredibly dumb lol,” /u/Tequslyder comments.

In a bit of a retaliatory move himself, OP buzzes by the offending Lexus a hair too close.

“I won’t deny my move at the end was reckless and unnecessary, but apart from that I literally did nothing wrong”

As others have mentioned in the thread, this type of behavior, while weird, is not uncommon.

“I freely admit I drive faster than the average person on the road, but the amount of people who get absolutely butt hurt about getting passed is a near daily occurrence. And I don’t even mean getting passed, like going around them and then back in front of them. Just going by them in the next lane,” says /u/wadems.

I, too, have noticed similar behavior, especially on the highway.

When this topic’s come up it almost always someone from the United States and, in my observation, might be an American thing.

What is it about getting passed legally is so emasculating to American drivers?

Regardless, it’s driving behavior to be avoided and to avoid.


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