The F-150 driver nearly crashes his truck into a guardrail just to end up not going anywhere.

Semi truck driver and Redditor /u/CantSeeSh** shared dashcam footage from his morning, rush hour commute on I-95 in West Haven, CT to the /r/IdiotsInCars subreddit showing the unbelievable moment a driver in a Ford F-150 practically risked it all overtaking /u/CantSeeSh** on the inside as his merge lane ended.

Check out /u/CantSeeSh**’s thread and video embedded below. (Note: There’s a content warning for language. )

[OC] F150 cuts through my blind spot to get stuck in heavy traffic(NSFW Language)
byu/CantSeeShit inIdiotsInCars

As mentioned, the incident took place on the Connecticut Turnpike (aka I-95) in West Haven Connecticut just before Exit 44 (Exact location on Google Maps linked here.)

Here’s a helpful POV showing what that F-150 saw merging onto the 95.

As OP’s video shows (which is recorded from a Go-Pro btw,) he’s travelling along in a semi with what he confirmed to be an empty 53′ trailer (around 45,000 pounds.)

As it’s the morning rush hour, traffic is crawling at less than 15 MPH.

OP slows for a hazmat truck merging into his lane.

Not entirely unbeknownst to OP (as he has over 15 mirrors) an F-150 driver decides to overtake on the inside (aka undertaking) despite the lane to merge rapidly shrinking.

As most semi truck drivers do to avoid a collision and an unnecessary accident, he lets the F-150 driver cut in, but not before giving the driver a handful of horn.

If it wasn’t any more clear the F-150 driver was in the wrong, we see him drive off the shoulder into the breakdown lane, almost crashing into the barrier to avoid getting sandwiched in.

“Connecticut drivers suck and holy hell is that a beautiful sky. Tough to see while driving though,” /u/_jump_yossarian comments.

“I love when drivers make these stupidly risk moves, only to get stuck in traffic up the road,” /u/Jaffas_Reddit semi-sarcastically adds.

It’s one thing to cut it close with regular traffic, but to mess around wtih a semi in their blind spot is asking for trouble.

As drivers we shouldn’t be cutting it that close regardless of the size of what we’re merging in front of.

“The F150 (driver) needs more f***en awareness, and a little more f***en patience in heavy traffic where we aint’ going anywhere,” OP concluded.


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