Is this a tactic to prevent bippers or just a careless owner?

A 1 of 3 1985 Porsche 959 S Prototype valued at $3+ million was recently spotted in San Francisco, CA street parked with its windows down and set of keys in the passenger seat inviting anyone brave enough to open the door and attempt to steal it to try.

Check out the gallery of photos of the unicorn Porsche below.

959 with the keys in it.. window was open too.
byu/SRV87 inPorsche

You can read how rare this car is from an article by Girardo and Co (linked here)

The Porsche 959, Lamborghini Countach, and Ferrari F40 from the 1980s, are the progenitors to the modern supercars we know and love today.

A Porsche 959 is rare enough just 337 being made.

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Among those 337, a lighter, more raw 959 S (just 29 of those) is even rarer.

The rarest and fastest of them all is this 1985 Porsche 959 S Prototype which preceded the 959 S, only three ever being made.

This 959 S Prototype is reportedly 220 pounds lighter than the 959 S making this the fastest of all.

The one spotted in SF was featured in Hagerty.

Regular (for the lack of a better word) 959s sell for around $1.7 million with the lowest going for about $996,000.

The most expensive 959 sold for $2.9M.

This one has to be valued at above $3M easy.

So, what is it doing street parked with its windows down?

Honestly, your guess is as good as mine.

A Redditor in the thread found the part number and diagram for Porsche 959 keys of that area (screenshot below) and concluded that the actual Porsche 959 key to start the darn thing isn’t actually on the key ring.

That exploded diagram under #15 is what a 959 key looks like.

Of course, the owner is not dumb.

My guess is, given the choice of windows down or up and knowing the chances of getting broken into, they’d rather keep all his windows then risk someone breaking them.

Windows down gives a clear signal that there’s nothing of value inside.

And, if there isn’t the actual 959 key on there, if they wanted to steal it they’ll have to hotwire it.

That’s assuming there’s no tracking device on this 959 which there probably is.

Whoever tries to steal this car is guaranteed to get caught.

It’s basically a lose-lose situation for anyone who wants to steal anything inside or the car itself, which is why it’s street parked with the windows down.

This, of course, does leave the car open to vandals and people who want to destroy it just because.

That’s a chance the owner is willing to take, I guess.

After all, it’s just a car.


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