Doing this might thaw the stone-cold heart of a repo driver, especially when your car is on the line.

Repo business owner Eben Reed, who goes by Life Wit EB and @1_eben on YouTube and social media, shared the hilarious and heartwarming moment when he realized the owner of the car he was towing was actually wearing his merchandise.

In other words, coincidentally, he happened to be towing a car owned by one of his fans!

What he does next not only made the usually Stoic Reed crack a smile, it made me smile, too.

Check out his video below.

Eben Reed, if you didn’t already know, is a Cleveland based tow truck and repo business owner who’s recently gotten famous and gained a following on all the social medias after he started filming and uploading moments of his repo job worth sharing.

Just on his Youtube alone, he’s already racked up over 600,000+ followers in months.

Known for his quick and efficient tows often done in under 20 seconds, fans of Reed just can’t get enough of his ice in his veins style.

This particular repo happened on the 1700 block of St. Clair Ave. in Cleveland, OH (location on Google Maps linked here.)

We can see Reed pull up to a white 2010s Ford Focus with paper plates, back up, and repo it like he does.

Watching in his mirrors, he notices a man bolt out of a nearby restaurant and run towards his tow truck, a sure sign he’s the owner.

Normally, Reed would drive away because, oh well, but this guy was wearing his shirt!

For those die hard fans who want to support Reed, he has merch.

This Focus owner was a fan.

G.O.A.T presumably stands for the greatest of all time, in reference to his towing style.

“As soon as I hear Aye! Aye! usually, I don’t really even pay too much attention,” Reed said on the Roger Berry podcast about the incident.

“When I looked, I seen a GOAT talk shirt and it just caught me so much off guard…It just made my day though.”

“So I pull over and he’s like, “Hey, man. Come on man, cut me some slack. I love what you do and I’m a supporter man.””

“And I’m just like, “Bro, how you going to be lacking with the GOAT talk shirt on. You see what I do day in and day out…You had to have that shirt on for a week.””

Reed doesn’t explicitly say it, but he essentially lets that fan go and, for the time being, he saved his Focus from being successfully repo’d.

The title to his youtube short says this man just got that Focus.

If that isn’t a sign of that the powers that be gave you a second chance, I don’t know what is.

As for Reed, I tip my hat to you for being real with one of your fans.

I know I wouldn’t be able to sleep for a couple nights knowing I repo’d one of my supporters cars.



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