His ego cost him a cool grand.

Presumed Florida resident and Redditor /u/AlMax87 shared dashcam footage from Minneola, FL to the /r/IdiotsInCars subreddit showing the hilarious moment a driver in a Dodge Ram Utility truck sort of raced him off the line in his minivan causing a large piece of his unsecured load to fall out!

/u/AlMax87’s thread is linked here, with his video posted below.

Truck With Unsecured Load Trying To Race Minivan [oc]
byu/almax87 inIdiotsInCars

The accident occurred on US Highway 27 (Claude Pepper Memorial Highway) near the intersection of US HWY 27 and Citrus Grove Rd. (Exact location on Google Maps linked here.)

“Driving home from a quick errand and noticed this guy come up behind me at the light flashing his turn signal. Only got more entertaining from there.”

In his dashcam video we can see OP driving along US Highway 27 going at what looks like the speed of traffic around him, 65 MPH.

A driver in a Heavy Duty Dodge Ram Utility Truck flashes his high beams at him from behind, changes lanes, and overtakes him for some reason.

Like a lot of random speeding and overtakes, they both end up at the next red light.

As OP points out, none of his load is secured, including with what looks like a 24x36x24 stackable concrete polymer pull box.

I did some research and found out these boxes cost upwards of $1,500 easily.

We can sort of hear the driver in the Dodge Ram spool up his turbo diesel engine and looks ready to drag race OP’s minivan.

They both launch off the line fairly smoothly, but then the Ram driver gooses it.

Physics takes over and his nearly 200 pound concrete box comes tumbling off his truck, crashing to the ground.

You can’t not-not notice that, and we see the Ram driver stop to access the damage.

That might be a week’s pay right there.

“I only feel pity for this man,” /u/PraiseTyche commented.

“Hopefully this wasn’t some idiot trying to limp home on a slipping clutch,” /u/dotta17403 added.

Slipping clutch or not, here’s your reminder that if you carry loose stuff in the back of your bed, secure it.

Not only can it fly out, it could fly out and hit someone.


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