If you’re wondering how well a tire out of concrete holds up, wonder no more.

Youtuber and TikToker Zac Lucarz, who goes by @Zac.Lucarz, got the bright idea to make a tire out of concrete, mount it on his truck, and film what happens when you lower the truck to the ground and smash the gas pedal.

Check out his video below.

@zac.lucarz We made the worlds first concrete tire???? Yes we did a boosted launch???? #projecttruck #truckbuild #truckmods #truckparts #sema #semabuild #sematruck ♬ original sound – Zac Lucarz

Making a tire out of concrete looks a lot easier than it sounds.

In the video, we see Zac taking a wheel sans tire from his Chevrolet Silverado and making a simple, round form around it to fill with concrete.

Zac doesn’t add any reinforcements like rebar, mesh, or extra fiber, a point commenters were more than willing to point out.

“Let it cure for 28 days and put on rebar on it with microfiber concrete,” @svt.jesus commented.

After letting it sit for a day, Zac returns to find a perfectly solid, round concrete tire that’s, more importantly, mountable.

Zac mounts it on his truck, lowers the truck to the ground, and lo and behold, it holds up without cracking.

Making a tire out of concrete.

Letting off the throttle, Zac is able to drive a couple of feet forward.

Before he takes it for a proper spin around the block, he gooses it, gives it the beans, and “shreds” the concrete tire to smithereens.

Commenters, like the one above, insisted that if it sat for a week or longer it would’ve held up much better.

In my opinion, I don’t think so.

Marginally stronger? Perhaps.

While a concrete tire is strong, it’s not meant to handle the sudden friction and centrifugal forces of a truck burnout.

It’s an interesting experiment at the very least and answers an age-old question not worth anyone’s time except for a bored TikTokers.

So, if you’re in a pinch and need to get a car rolling, have a flat, but have a bag of concrete lying around, it might be worth a shot.

You’ll have to chip the old concrete off it, you want to mount a new tire on afterward.



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